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March 03, 2011  | by: Cynthia Almanzar

Nicholas Hoult Will Get Zombiefied

A few months back, I reported on the first Cuban zombie movie ever. In that article I delved on why Zombies are so appealing to audiences. Here is the exact quote:

What is it about zombies that people love so much? According to a former colleague of mine over at Film News Briefs, zombies are so well-loved by audiences because they are the only supernatural creatures left that can inspire fear.  Other popular horror creatures, she argues, like werewolves and vampires have been reduced to teenage romantic fantasies.

The basis for this argument is that there is no way that Hollywood can reduce a zombie to sick love puppies because zombies are undead! They are only moved by one need; the need to feed. Zombies have no feelings whatsoever.  Zombies are safe and they’ll be forever scary. Well, that was just a fantasy because believe it or not, there is a zombie love story in the works.

There is only one studio capable of perpetrating this crime against zombies, horror films and everything that’s sane. Yes, you guessed it! Summit Entertainment. The studio hopes to strike gold again using the same “Twilight” formula. However, I can’t imagine many teenage girls going crazy over a decaying brain-eating monster.

The movie is based on “Warm Bodies,” a book by Isaac Marion, that will be published by by Atria Books, a division of Simon and Schuster. The story follows R (just cast British actor, Nicholas Hoult) a zombie who develops feelings for his victim’s girlfriend–this is just a bunch of nonsense because there is no way that a zombie can develop any feelings for anybody, unless is the feeling to eat their brains.

Honestly, there has to be a way to stop this now. It doesn’t make any sense and it’s trivializing one of the only creatures that can really scare people. I really thought this was an impossible move. Can someone explain me just how a zombie can fall in love?

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