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September 21, 2011  | by: Aubrian Body

Denim is Here to Stay

As the trends keep changing how is one to stay trendy yet be original? In fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day you’re on somebody’s worst dressed list. All this talk about being trendy can be a little overwhelming at times, but your style is YOUR style, and you don’t have to adapt to fashion, you can make fashion work for you! So I’m sure you’ll be rocking lots of denim this fall, but how will it work for your style?  To help you out, I put together a few outfits to help you guys get started!

Rocker Denim Style

Rock Your Denim:

Being a rocker chick doesn’t always mean skulls and all black everything. You can be a rebel and still look approachable. Remember, the goal with this denim look is to look like you rolled out of bed and into awesomeness! So, your hair doesn’t have to be perfect.  Messy works here.  Skip the 1-hour “5 minute face” and put your headphones in!

This look is perfect for running errands or going to class. If you need fresh ideas on what to wear, look up to celebs like Kristen Stewart.

Peace, Love, and Blue Jeans:

Although the 70s are behind us, we still grab inspiration from that time period! It’s a time of freedom and liberation, so let loose when getting dressed in a Bohemian style. To pull this look off, wear your hair down or rock a head band. Accessorize with feather earrings and you’ll look like a modern-day hippie. Layers are the key here, so if you have on a peasant top or tunic, layer it with a fringe or fur vest.  Your style-inspiring celebs for this look would be Rachel Zoe and the Olsen twins.

Boho Denim Style

You’re Not Too Sexy for Those Jeans:

Every now and then we gals like to spice things up! If you love to walk on the wild side, then here’s how to liven up that denim and make it sexy.

Sexy Denim Style

Lace will have just about any man on his knees, but how can you rock it outside of the bedroom? Two words: thigh highs. This look is very intense and very edgy and only for those brave enough to wear it. So this fall, pull your shorts back out and pair them with thigh high stockings! It not only covers up your legs in the fall chill, but really adds a statement to your outfit.

Pair those thigh highs and shorts with a top and leather jacket and you’re good to go! If you get stuck for inspiration, look up to Taylor Momsen, she owns this look!

Buying denim is the easy part, but learning your own style can take time. Trust me, I’ve had some seriously epic fails in my fashion life, but I revised my style plan and came into my own. You can do the same by just being yourself when you pick out clothes. Getting dressed should be a complete expression of who you are and this guide can help you become a style icon in your city!

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