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July 16, 2012  | by: Lauren Kuhl

At a grad party in NJ

While a festive ambiance, great company, and cake are all the makings of a successful graduation party, so are the outfit choices of its guests. Call me crazy, or maybe just fashion-obsessed, but I always look forward to social gatherings for the sole purpose of dressing up. In this issue of Chic Street, I was lucky to sit down with some similarly minded ladies whose unique style and flare for fashion caught my eye. Read on to get the low-down on their fashion inspiration, advice for successful dressing and more! As always, buckle up your bedazzled belts, readers! It’s going to be a wild ride down Chic Street.


A rising junior at the University of Richmond, Theatre major Betsy Chester incorporates creativity and originality into her fashion choices, as evidenced by her ensemble of a bold green dress and gold-hued sandals. Borrowed from her sister’s closet, Betsy reveals, “I go through phases where my wardrobe just doesn’t cut it, and looking in someone else’s closet always gives me some new ideas.”

When she isn’t browsing her sisters’ wardrobes, Betsy finds solace in her favorite designer, Wilfred, sold at Aritzia. Although a bit on the pricier side, Betsy states, “They have great staples and classics with a twist that give a little jazz to my closet.” She looks to Urban Outfitters for “fun and funky” pieces, and Need Supply’s vintage section for used, but moderately priced and one-of-a-kind clothing.

Betsy advises investing in a good lipstick and sporting a high bun adorned with a bow or shoe clip to “kick any outfit up a notch and put a little pep in your step.” Creative and classy, just like the fashionista herself.


Rising Lehigh University freshman, Katie Cobuzzi, returns for seconds, and shares her best fashion advice and favorite shopping haunts with you lucky readers! Sporting a purple tank and scalloped white lace shorts (trend alert!), Katie once again proves classic with a twist is the way to go. She accessorized her ensemble with hoop earrings and a cuff bracelet from one of her favorite places to shop, Urban Outfitters. “I love Urban because it has its own unique style,” she elaborates. In terms of her own personal style, Katie advises, “Put in the extra effort to search for items in your closet that match,” thus defining one’s look and truly completing the ensemble; wise words from a Chic Street veteran.

In a sleeveless magenta top and white lace mini, Molly Gorman is the picture of graduation party chic. This rising sophomore at the University of Miami doesn’t take her fashion choices too seriously, which makes for an ultimately laid back, genuine personal style. She reveals, “My outfit wasn’t exactly inspired by anything in particular…I had recently gotten my lace skirt shortened…since it was originally quite long.” As the fates would have it, the innovative Molly found a sheer purple top at Forever 21 (a fashion fave) and thought to pair the two together. In general, Molly states her fashion inspiration as “random trendy people on the streets and mostly my friends, including Betsy and Katie.” With chic friends like these, I would have to agree.


As we wrap up this issue of Chic Street, a game of “Would You Rather” seemed like the perfect opportunity to explore the ridiculous side of fashion, the question at hand being: “Would you rather wear five-inch platform heels or toe socks and sandals for the rest of your life, and why?”

Betsy: I wish I could say heels, but I would actually be 6’2, and heels give you bunions. Sadly, I’m going to have to say toe socks and sandals. My feet will be warm and comfy all year round, I won’t be a giant, and a floor length dress, pants, or a long skirt will cover that up super fast…right?

Katie: Hate to say it, but I’d definitely go with the heels. Although the extra five inches would make me appear to be 6’1, I could never wear toe socks and sandals. It is definitely better to be overdressed than underdressed. Imagine getting married in toe socks and sandals…no thanks!

Molly: I wish I could say that I am a girl who would just love to wear five-inch heels for the rest of my life…but that would be a lie. Comfort is a must, especially when it comes to my feet. If I told you that I stayed in my heels all night at prom or any other fancy event and walked in them gracefully, that would be lie número dos…I would go with the toe socks and sandals. Perhaps they will be a hot item in the distant (really distant) future. I’m also a large supporter of wishful thinking.

This week’s fashionistas’ zest for fashion (and tolerance of a rousing round of “Would You Rather?”) cements their status as simply lovely ladies. With a flare for all things chic and personal styles that complement their friendships, it’s clear these gals were born to stand out.


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