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June 04, 2011  | by: Jasmina Cuevas

"King B"

Female empowerment has come a long way from the times of Louise Weiss and the fight to vote to women running to become president. And though people have been all for it and supportive, it seems like it’s still some type of threat to certain people. So when Beyonce decided to call herself King B instead of Queen B, people started running in all different directions. And those that felt threatened, started speaking up.

Run the World (Girls) Video

Beyonce has always been a strong woman and is not afraid to show it. From her hit single with Destiny’s Child, “Bills” to the top-charting single, “Single Ladies,”  Beyonce has said it all. When all these singles were playing on the radio and in the clubs, everyone was supportive and enjoying the women movement. But now that Beyonce is singing about running the world, some heads are starting to turn. The criticism started when Beyonce released her single, “Run the World (Girls).” A lot of people were saying that the single was not up to par or it wasn’t a hit and Beyonce had more work to do. Then when she released the video for the single, people were saying that it was not as good as the video for “Single Ladies.” If it wasn’t one thing it was another; everyone had something to say.

To add more insult to injury, once Beyonce released her second single, “1 + 1″ (love song), everyone was back to loving Beyonce and some even stated that this should have been her first single. Apparently, that may not have sat well with Beyonce and she basically told everyone forget you, you can call me King B now! And of course, people have plenty to say:

Video director Vashtie tweeted, “It’s so entertaining that broads are referring to themselves as ‘KING…’ now. it’s cute…”.

Streetz, a writer for SingleBlackMale.org, wrote, “As a male, my feelings on Beyonce’s King reference is  indifferent, as I see it purely a marketing gimmick; I didn’t take offense, nor was I taken aback. I think its an interesting concept and it’s part of her women empowerment groove she’s been on this go around.”

Dr. Jaxson, wrote, “I’m always confused by Beyonce these days because it’s obvious that she’s got some gender issues going on.  I can’t say it’s limited to just her.  But I wonder why she feels the need to be a King and not a Queen.  (I hope it has nothing to do with Lil’ Kim). I just think there’s a “feminist” movement going on out of her camp, and it’s awkward.  I don’t think men or women have ever had problems with Beyonce, I don’t think we’ve ever said anything about her success or fame was attributed to nothing but talent and hardwork.  I think she’s trying to break down gender roles, but the question is what led her to this?”
Though many are not sure where Beyonce is going with this new attitude, I don’t believe they really have the right to question it. Beyonce is doing what makes her happy and feel stronger and that should be something that is congratulated not hated on. Yes, some feel threatened by it, but for what reason? It could only be because they just weren’t the first one to think of it.
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