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March 26, 2012  | by: Christopher Burns

Marty York in 2012 and as a child in The Sandlot

By some insane chance, a TMZ.com intern must have recognized Marty York’s name in the Police Blotter this week. The 31-year-old is best known for his role as “Yeah Yeah” in the hugely popular coming of age tale, The Sandlot.

Apparently, the day after Saint Paddy’s day, York was found “unconscious” in his hotel room by a hotel maid. Assuming that he was dead or dying,, the maid called 911 to report that the former child star was un-wakeable. However, when the police arrived, they found that the man was simply sleeping off a few too many Irish Car bombs. I wonder if he stills uses “yeah yeah” to impress the ladies when he’s out to the club.

As for some of the other members of The Sandlot Crowd, they have all taken various paths into adulthood.

Tom Guiry

Tom Guiry, the shy and nerdy new kid named Smalls continued to act after his rise to slight fame in the film. His notable appearances included a role in Mystic River and a part on the NBC show The Black Donnellys.

Benny The Jet aka Mike Vitar

Mike Vitar, better known as Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez, retired from acting following his graduation from High School in 1997. The retired actor went on to become a City of Los Angeles Firefighter in 2002.

Ham Porter aka Partrick Renna

Patrick Renna, or Hamilton “Ham” Porter has continued to act over the course of the years, and landed many roles in both feature films and television shows. He never actually became the Great Hambino, but his appearances include such hits as National Lampoons Dorm Daze and The X-Files.

Kenny Denunez aka Brandon Adams

Brandon Adams, aka Kenny Denunez, achieved childhood fame in both The Mighty Ducks franchise and The Sandlot. After being picked to act in Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, the young actor hit big with his roles as Denunez and Jessie Hall (in The Mighty Ducks).


Chauncey Leopardi, Squints Paladoris, continues to act today. He has appeared in various roles, including one on Gilmour Girls. He recently reprised his role as Squints for the straight to DVD film The Sandlot: Heading Home.

Grant Gelt aka Bertram Weeks

Grant Gelt, whose character Bertram Weeks famously “got lost in the 60s” went on to become the head executive at New Sound Artist Management, a talent management company.

Timmy Timmons aka Victor Dimattia

Victor Dimattia, who played Timmy Timmons, continues to work in the Film Biz in a behind the scenes sense. He gave up acting in 1995.

Tommy aka Shane Obedzinski

Shane Obedzinski, whose character was Tommy “Repeat” Timmons, seems to have fallen off the internet since 1994 when he stopped acting.

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