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March 05, 2012  | by: Jaira Keys


If you’re a fan on Kanye’s 808′s & Heartbreaks you may love WZRD’s new album. On February 28th, WZRD, whose members include recording artist Kid Cudi and record producer Dot da Genius, released their self titled album, WZRD.

Fans may be familiar with Kid Cudi through his music, as well as his recent acting job on HBO’s How to Make It In America. May I add that he is doing a wonderful job!

Because Dot da Genius’ job description requires him to be more behind the scenes, people may not be too familiar with him. He is, in fact, the master-mind behind Cudi’s hit single “Day ‘n’ Night” which gave Cudi his first taste of fame and popularity. Of course, he has now taken it to another level.

The only word that comes to mind while listening to the album is “wow.” Many people don’t like albums like 808′s & Heartbreaks or Drake’s Take Care. But I love when artists do something different and fresh and try something new. After all, none of us want to eat the same meal every day or live the rest of our lives with the same hair cut. We need variety. Change is what WZRD has delivered.

While the group’s music is placed in the alternative rock genre, this album is something that hip-hop and pop music lovers can enjoy as well. Kid Cudi’s weird demeanor and hypnotic voice lends itself to songs that help the listener hear and appreciate the music. While the album may land a little flat for true rock fans, I think it’s worth a listen if you are someone who likes good music. There is no screaming or long guitar solos in this album. I’d really like to take away the labeling of it altogether.

This album may not be for everyone, but I’d encourage you to give it a listen as you may actually like it. This may not be what fans of Cudi anticipated with this new project but then again, he has always played with the idea of mixing genres and styles in his music.

If nothing else, the songs are fun and interesting. The intro, “The Arrival” is amazing and they end the album with the song, “Upper Room.” Trust me. Try something new today. You won’t regret it.

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