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March 12, 2011  | by: Alissa Katz

Jaden and Willow Smith

The younger Smith generation mastered how to get jiggy wit’ it.  Within months, Jaden and Willow Smith have gone from being alongside their parents, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, at red carpet events to starring on the carpet on their own. Mommy and Daddy must be so proud.

Jaden took the lead when he made the box-office hit, “The Karate Kid,” which pulled in a whopping $55 million its first weekend. And like any actor/singer, the 12-year-old showed off his rapping skills in one of the songs on the soundtrack, sung by the infamous Justin Bieber.

Now, his 10-year-old sister is stealing the Bieber fever: she’ll be joining him as he tours Europe in March.

Ms. “Whips-her-hair-back-and-forth” also unveiled a preview of her second single, “21st Century Girl,” and promised via Twitter that an album is coming soon. Oh, and she’ll be starring in a remake of “Annie,” which is being produced by Jay-Z and her parents. No biggie.

Willow Smith

Like any citizen of Hollywood, these two are getting their share of criticism from the masses, like how they’re being put on the red carpet too early or they don’t really know what they love doing at such a young age.

But, why now? Jaden was already in sitcoms at five and had big roles in his dad’s “The Pursuit of Happyness” and Keanu Reeves’s “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” When she was seven years old, Willow appeared in Dad’s “I am Legend” and acted alongside fellow Hollywood child star Abigail Breslin in “Kit Kitteredge: An American Girl.”

Personally, I think they’re all just jealous of Willow’s fashion sense. How many 10-year-olds can pull off the Lady Gaga look and get so much attention for it?

I think the two will stay in the limelight well into their parents’ Hollywood retirement years.

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