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May 18, 2013  | by: Allie Fasanella

webstagram (Nicole Richie)


Candidly Nicole is a brand new web series hosted by AOL starring the feisty free-talking Nicole Richie. The show, based on Richie’s unfiltered twitter feed, gives you a little look into her life (about 5 minutes to be exact).

By the first three mini episodes I was hooked. Her outspoken sense of humor is refreshing and super fun to watch. Richie does not hold back on any of her thoughts. So far, we have gone with her to Dr. Tattoff’s to see about getting a certain tramp stamp removed, to a flower shop in search of the perfect flowers for her “grown up” home, and most recently, a chic botique where she is helping a friend pick out the perfect first date outfit.

webstagram (Nicole Richie)

Not only is this show funny in a totally authentic way, but I have learned something from each sparkly webisode. Nicole Richie has taught me to never get a tattoo in a garage, that daisy’s are desperate, and that there is a difference in the clothes you wear for girls and the clothes you wear for guys.

Candidly Nicole is a small dose of fun and freshness that I wish would go on for hours. You can’t help but want to be best friend’s with her while watching this show. Richie is that chic and sassy mama everyone wants to be. With her own clothing line House of Harlow, a tv gig on NBC’s Fashion Star, and her rocker hubby, Joel Madden, she sure has it all goin’ on. I personally adore the new Nicole; minus Paris Hilton, without the drug habit and twenty pounds lighter, she is better than ever.

Go check out this little lady in Candidly Nicole right now!


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