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July 06, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Instagram (snookinic)

Instagram (snookinic)


Aww sookie sookie, I love me some Snooki! The pint-sized guidette we all know and love has made quite the dramatic yet graceful transformation since her days fist-pumpin’ it with the guys of Jersey Shore.

It seems like since the series ended Snooki’s been enjoying the luxuries of celebrity stardom; signing book deals, having a massive Twitter following and enjoying the life of a top party socialite. Sometimes fame also brings change, and when it comes to Snooki’s transformation, this change was definitely for the better.

The first time I watched Jersey Shore was three years ago during my freshman year of college. I was in a small, prison-styled dorm room with an even tinier TV, skimming through the channels. When I finally landed on MTV’s Jersey Shore, I thought I was watching a season of The Real World, and by the looks of the cast, I wasn’t too far off.

Instagram (snookinic)

Instagram (snookinic)


I instantly fell in love with the character of Snooki, who was (and still remains to be) that tangerine-tanned babe with a passion for partying. I gravitated towards her because she was the immediate outcast, and my sentimental heart always roots for the underdog. Not only was she an underdog, but she was never ashamed of who she was.

As it turns out, I was rooting for the right one after all. Snooki totally trumps her fellow cast members in every possible way, being the most memorable and celebrated member of the series to date.

Whether she’s pencil-thin or thick and curvy, I could care less because she will always be Snooki. Nonetheless, I cannot ignore her astounding body transformation, which seems to have been her biggest, and proudest accomplishment.

Instagram (snookinic)

Instagram (snookinic)


While tabloids swarm, criticizing her new figure, I give ample praise to the girl for her choices:

She seems genuinely happy with her new figure, and you can tell by the many body pics she shares with her 3 million followers on Instagram.

She snatched up fiancee Jionni LaValle, one of the finest men to walk the Jersey Shore, and had the cutest baby reality television has ever seen since Bentley Edwards.

It’s also nice to be considered one of the highest paid reality television stars, which is far more than what The Situation can say for himself, seeing as he just lost that legal battle with Abercrombie and Fitch earlier this week.

Can you say, karma? I digress.

Even though Snooki looks nothing like she once did during her time on Jersey Shore, I am extremely proud of this woman. She’s evolved personally and professionally, while maintaining her true character.

How do you feel about Snooki’s transformation? Was it for the best or has she strayed too far from the image we all first fell in love with?

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