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January 15, 2013  | by: Emilie Moran


Some of the Members of the Cast of Girls at the Golden Globe Awards by US WeeklyWith every awards season, millions of people eagerly pull up their chairs to the TV. With eyes glued to the screen, every announcement and every movement made by every celebrity are watched and noted. When I say people are just as interested in who won what as they are in who wore what, I am not exaggerating.

Throughout the awards season, the media has become obsessed with what the celebrities have on; and what they wear seriously affects what people say and think of them. Continuous lists of “Best Dressed” and the dreaded “Worst Dressed” and our societies undeniable obsession with both, makes me wonder…what does either one even mean? After much thought and a bit of research, I have found that these lists are often made up depending on how editors view the actual celebrity, rather than the actual clothes. Celebrities that have denied requests to do interviews or participate in photo shoots are often punished by being placed on the “Worst Dressed” list. The clothes themselves have been picked out by stylists and have usually been borrowed or rented from the designers. The most common question on the red carpet must be: “Who are you wearing?!” and the answer is instant publicity for the designer that is responsible.

Of course, not one person or industry can be blamed for the way clothes are viewed. During a time when the world is going through a financial crisis, the Golden Globes are like one very long commercial for every single designer that appears on the red carpet, and the “Best and Worst Dressed” lists are a way in which the media is able to engage the audience with delicious details of designer names and the drama of who wore what badly; the combination of both which is a sure way to sell magazines and make money. These facts have made me realize that the “Best & Worst Dressed” lists that are ever so popular in our society are in fact just a brilliant display of capitalism and a game of “who we like today.”

I personally love fashion. I love the award ceremonies. I love the clothes, the jewelry, the people, the lights, the action, the history. I love it all, and who doesn’t? Isn’t this what these ceremonies are all about? Seeing these factors displayed in a dramatic setting as we all eagerly await the announcement of the winners? Lists created of those who looked best, and those who looked worse go completely against all of that. It makes fashion into a competition, when really it is a creative process, and you cant judge creativity. I guess the same can be said for the films that are actually being put up against one another in these ceremonies. But fashion is something that is used to bring out the individuality in us, whereas films bring us together. The Golden Globes, as well as the rest of the award ceremonies, are judged by an educated committee with unbiased views, and not by angry editors looking for ways to get back at uncooperative celebrities.

Anne Hathaway at the Golden Globes 2013 in Chanel By CELEBUZZ


Watching the Golden Globe awards this past Sunday night, Anne Hathaway said something that really stuck with me. When asked who she was wearing, she named Chanel. However, she also made a statement along the lines of it being the dress that seemed to fit her, the dress that was most comfortable for her. On a night when these celebrities are celebrating their own hard work, as well as the hard work of their colleagues, isn’t it most important to be wearing something that makes the star feel like themselves? To be wearing something that is comfortable? That is what they are meant to be celebrating: the person who is so full of accomplishments, success and talent. I am not against the academy awards, and I am most certainly not against fashion. I am however against the list that takes away from both of these things, making the ceremonies into something they are not.

What did you think of the Golden Globes?

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