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August 08, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Instagram (taylorswift)

Instagram (taylorswift)


It’s a no-brainer, Taylor Swift is one of the most celebrated artists by tweens across the globe. Her ex-boyfriend bashing tunes have been the soundtrack to many of our lives and there’s a certain feeling of closure that washes over us after listening to her albums.

While many may think it’s genius to turn heartbreak into hard cash, you cannot help but consider the damage Swift’s songs will do to her love life. Telling by her long list of famous ex-boyfriends–who undoubtedly scorn her–she’ll most likely become a lonely cat woman if she keeps it up.

The first I’d heard of Swift’s music was “Teardrops On My Guitar,” a tender ballad sung by an American sweetheart. I thought little of country music then but will admit, Swift’s music was the first I’d actually fancied. As the years went by, songs from Fearless and Speak Now were quickly becoming favorites on many of my iTunes playlists.

After hearing her first two albums, I realized a growing theme: heartbreak, unrequited love and revenge. All themes I could thoroughly relate and gravitate to with ease. It wasn’t until her latest record released last year that I became quite displeased with Swift’s bratty songwriting about her many relationships gone awry.

Instagram (taylorswift)

Instagram (taylorswift)


I once praised her because she was (and still remains) one of the few artists to actually write their own music and manage to gain incredible acclaim. In fact, I still defend her confessional lyrics. However, things went sour for me when the focus of her music became more about who she was talking about instead of the beauty behind its composition.

This week, Swift gave an interview with Rolling Stone and talked about nothing other than love: “I am getting to the point where the only love worth being in is the love worth singing about,” the star gushed. The thing with Swift’s love for “singing about love” is that she reveals too much information about her exes which will likely intimidate other guys from wanting to date her.

While some may find it flattering to have songs written about them, Swift has a way of being too open and a bit whiny even. I know honesty is exactly what listeners expect from their favorite artists but in some respect, certain details about a relationship are better left out of the spotlight if you know what I mean.

 Instagram (taylorswift)

Instagram (taylorswift)


In case you didn’t know what or who I was referring to, Swift is terrible at keeping her relationships secret when it comes to her tunes (which I’m sure is completely accidental):

Forever & Always – Joe Jonas

Back to December – Taylor Lautner

Dear John – John Mayer

All to Well – Jake Gyllenhaal

While there’s nothing out on her most recent ex (victim) Harry Styles just yet, I’m sure she’s got a few lyrical assaults in store for the One Directioner on her next record.

Everyone goes through breakups. And sure, they suck. It’s totally fine for the girl to spill her heart out, but must she do so in every single song? Isn’t that what diaries were made for?

She may fool some of you with her coy, “I’m so innocent” act, but I’m not buying into it. Swift knows exactly what she’s doing and as her music plays over the radio, her pity party grows larger. It’s good to turn a negative experience into a Grammy-nominated piece of art but her music about love will ironically be the demise to her own love life if she doesn’t learn to grow up and fast.

How do you think Swift’s music will affect her love life?

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