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January 30, 2013  | by: Kasey Kilinski
Flickr (gloriablain2012)

Flickr (gloriablain2012)


Plastic surgery has always been a mystery to me. Why do people do it? Maybe some botox during a mid-life crisis wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but total body reconstruction seems so unnecessary, especially to young, beautiful people who allow peer pressure to get to them.

It is also false advertisement. What happens when you have a kid with facial features that do not resemble you and your son wants to know why his nose doesn’t look anything like yours? Quirks are what make people stand out! They make you who you are! People should own their quirks and rock them instead of turning to surgery for comfort. Takes these celebs for example…

Heidi Montag. This girl went from being an adorable, fun, lively young woman on “The Hills” alongside BF-not so much-FL Lauren Conrad to hooking up with Spencer Pratt and changing everything about herself.

Why do great girls always make huge mistakes for the awful guys? She got a chin reduction, brow lifts, her ears pinned back, nose job, liposuction in various places, and obviously a breast augmentation…. or maybe eight. These surgeries have left Heidi with scars and regret. And if Heidi and LC’s beef is at all real or still going on, looks like LC wins. I think the music video below of Heidi’s song “Blackout” is proof. And may really make you want to black out after a few seconds.

Jennifer Grey. After c0-starring in big movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Dirty Dancing, I think she was crazy to make such a drastic change to her face. She was so successful and beautiful just the way she was and her nose job is arguably what ended her career. I recently realized that Jennifer actually guest-starred on “Friends” as Rachel’s friend Mindy. I didn’t even notice her! Her nose job made her unrecognizable and frankly, less likeable. I wish it wasn’t true, Jennifer!




Ashlee Simpson. She rocked the rebellious younger sister punk look. She was relateable to a lot of young, misunderstood girls with songs like “Autobiography” and “Boyfriend.” In 2006, miss Ashlee told Marie Claire that she “had it with Hollywood’s twisted view of feminine beauty” and very soon after got her nose job. So soon that the magazine hadn’t come out yet. Which understandably made Ashlee’s pro-female fans a little upset.

She also ended up doing something with her chin. Bad move, Simpson. She even has a new album out, who knew? After seeing her in that crazy, awkward acting role on “Melrose Place 2.0,” she seems to just look like the rest of Hollywood. How sad.




There are many celebrities, such as Ashley Tisdale, Bruce Jenner, Lil Kim and Meg Ryan, who I think would have been better off without the surgery. It seems to have affected their lives negatively. And we liked how they looked before!

What do you think about plastic surgery? Which celebrity do you wish steered away from plastic surgery? Would you ever get plastic surgery?

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  • Kevy

    Let’s see how they look in 15 – 20 years when they aren’t famous anymore and can’t afford to have more reconstruction surgery. I agree with the false advertising statement. People shouldn’t try to be someone or something they aren’t- they are are created the way they are for a reason and should be happy with themselves, not what other people think they should look like. If a person feels the need to ‘improve’ their look because they think they need to, they have bigger issues… I can only imagine what their personality is like!

  • L a u r e n

    I for one, am really grossed out by Plastic Surgery. I just don’t think I could ever take a knife to my face or body for the hell of it, if it was life threatening and I needed to like I got in a brutal accident then yes, but for the hell of it no. I may not like certain things about me, but I can learn to live with it. I think in Hollywood maybe they get put down so much it’s just hard to listen to? Not quite sure. But I can understand to a degree why some of them do it, but I never say after that I think they look better. It’s such a tricky subject.

  • Aimee Lynn Boylan

    So true! After awhile they just start to look weird!