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February 01, 2013  | by: Tania Lasenburg
Flickr( asterix611)

Flickr( asterix611)

My mother used to tell me that a good girl always goes bad because of a boy and I strongly believe that is the case in the media. Whitney Houston was America’s sweetheart; coming from the not so amazing part of New Jersey to becoming wealthy and world wide—she was a big a deal.

Houston passed away in 2011, leaving millions of fans heartbroken and her family devastated. Everyone including Houston’s family blamed her ex-husband Bobby Brown. He was the self proclaimed bad boy, not only in music, but in the ways of his life as well. When Houston’s life began visibly falling apart, the blame was placed on Brown.

The media pointed fingers at Brown for being the one to get America’s sweetheart on drugs and for years it has been such.  Until  . . . Houston’s mother Cissy Houston decided to release a tell- all book called Remembering Whitney.

Never missing the opportunity for an interview Oprah, on her series “The Next Chapter” sat down with Cissy and Whitney’s brother Michael and Michael admitted that HE was the one to introduce Whitney to drugs. He states that when Whitney began her career in the 80s it was when she first stated crack with her brother; well before she met Brown.

If no one is upset at this then you should be. Houston’s family, friends, business associates and Houston herself, let the public ruin the reputation of a man who did not cause the downfall of Whitney Houston. The jokes that have been told about Brown are sickening, even more now knowing that it wasn’t his fault.

During this interview with Oprah, Michael states that Brown loved Whitney and did everything he could to make her happy.  Granted he as her husband should have gotten her some help but everyone around her should have gotten her some help, not just him. I guess, as the saying goes, you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved.

It is sad that this family knew the truth and allowed someone else to take the blame for it. What makes it sadder is that all of a sudden Cissy releases a book. It sounds like money to me. If they never admitted the truth, before why admit it now?

Do you think the Houston family and the media owes Bobby Brown an apology?

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