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February 04, 2013  | by: Tania Lasenburg
Flickr (Au Kirk)

Flickr (Au Kirk)


Not every loves football; but people love to be entertained and for years the commercials played during the Superbowl have been doing as such. However, this year . . . the laughs fell completely short.

Do not get me wrong there were a few commercials that got a “hahaha” but it didn’t give a barrel of laughs that the commercials are known for. Most of the commercials involved NBC shows. For instance, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met your Mother, and 2 Broke Girls had their commercials. I was actually shocked at the commercial for 2 Broke Girls because they were acting like strippers; distasteful.

Taco Bell was one of the best commercials of the night.  Older people sneaking out of a retirement home to have a good time, causing ruckus, getting back tattoos and eating taco bell on the hood of the car while having the cops check them out . . . who doesn’t love commercials like that. It wasn’t original but it was cute and it made you laugh when at the end it states Live Mas.

Doritos did a really good job and only making fun of the fact that men, yes men, will do anything for Doritos; including wearing a dress and full blown makeup and walking a runaway for their daughter. I believe that Doritos will use this theme until it dies out but watching men make a fool of themselves for food . . . will probably never die out.

Go Daddy, usually known for their explicit and subliminal commercials decided to change things up a bit, not for long because they had two commercials but this one stood out. Its the next big idea and these men sitting next to their wife explaining how it is fool proof. But the last scene shows the man who actually went through with the idea. It makes you smile because you think about “oh . .  maybe I should follow through with my next big idea.” It was nice to see something other than a sexual joke from Go Daddy.

Tide was a surprised. It wasn’t funny really but it wasn’t bad either. A 49ers fan finds a miracle stain on his shirt of Joe Montana and gets the entire world excited. However, his wife is a Ravens fan and washed the first with tide and it easily came out with no stains. A commercial with a twist . . . not bad.

The car commercials, however, took a very somber almost depressing twist. For instance, Dodge Ram, decided to dedicate their commercial to the farmers and how God created the farmer to do this dirty work. I actually felt bad not giving farmers much thought until I need to hit the farmers market once a month. Also Jeep took the time to speak about the troops overseas . . . again depressing.

The Rock , who is my favorite man on this earth, did a very cute commercial with Milk. Pretty much he goes into the refrigerator for milk and he doesn’t have any. So he passes on saving a cat out of the tree, saving people from a lion and stopping bank robber in order to get a gallon of milk. Commercial is not really original because Salma Hayek did a bit of the same thing last year. But I love the rock . . .  so he gets a pass.

There were only three movie commercials; Iron Man 3, Star Trek and The Fast & Furious 6. Both were action packed, adrenal filled and left little to the imagination about what the movie is going to be about. I honestly have no idea what either movies are going to be about because both commercials really didn’t explain or give an idea of what has happened but that’s okay, can’t give away everything right?.

Finally, the most disappointing commercials of the night was the Budweiser, Coca Cola and Pepsi commercials. Nothing was really original; it all seemed a repeat. Budweiser introduces a new beer but uses a sexy woman to introduce it; nothing new. Coca Cola, has a various types of people racing to get to the only Coca Cola near by; boring. Pepsi, simply decided showing parents walking into a house party but completely forgave it because they had a Pepsi; not original.

Do you think the Superbowl commercials toned it down too much or have they simply lost their flare? 

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