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February 01, 2012  | by: Christopher Burns

Mary Kate and Ashley: Fashion Queens

America’s favorite pre-pubescent twins, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, stole the countries Pop-Culture hearts when they first debuted on the hit sitcom Full House. While their co-star, Bob Saget, rode his Full House fame in expanding his raunchy stand up routines, the two became famous for countless Teen Flick films and their best selling merchandise brand, Dualstar.

Mary Kate and Ashley on Full House

However famous they may be, they don’t seem to get a share of the spotlight quite like they used to. The last film in which they acted alongside one another was released in 2004 (New York Minute), and while Mary-Kate’s latest hurrah featured her alongside, and locking lips with, legend Ben Kingsley; The Wackness was released all the way back in 2008. Neither sister has had a significant acting role since then.

This leads a fan to ask whatever happened to the lovable twins who shared the role of Michelle on Full House? The answer is fashion, fashion, and more fashion.

Both sisters have a serious penchant for both entrepreneurship and style. They launched their first clothing brand in 1993, and fragrances followed soon after that. Known generally as a WalMart staple brand, Dualstar was one of the first clothing brands to provide pre-teen girls with both affordable and fashionable clothing at the same time.

Ever the philanthropists, when news surfaced that the factories which made their clothing did not give their employees full maternity leave, the sisters sprung to action and signed a pledge promise forcing their workers to be granted full maternity leave.

The Sisters Show Off Dualstar Clothing

Even more recently, the pair launched an upscale clothing line named The Row, after London’s famous Seville Row. Maybe they picked up this idea while filming Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Adventure: Winning London?

The main focus of their new line, and their association as the faces of Badgley Mischka, was to separate themselves from the association many people see them having with WalMart. In one sense they were weary of the super-corporations economic policies, and did not want to be forever associated with economy style pre-teen clothing.

Elizabeth Olson

But if fashion isn’t your thing, and you still miss the lovable twins on the silver screen, sister Elizabeth Olsen might just fix your fancy. The actress starred in Martha Marcy May Marlene to absolutely rave critical reviews. The beautiful 22-year-old is now a favorite of Chanel’s Karl Lagerfiled, but admits she never had the same eye for fashion as her sisters.

Elizabeth has received countless Best Actress nominations from the independent movie community for her role in the film, which revolves around a woman leaving a cult religion and attempting to live a normal life. The film was released by Fox Searchlight to box offices nationwide on October 21, 2011.

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