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June 11, 2013  | by: Jara Montez



It’s summer! Which doesn’t mean BBQs and bikinis, it means Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference. YES. The mega company had its annual keynote on Monday, introducing a pile of new technology and products. For those that couldn’t care less about the nitty gritty of these things (what do Lions have to do with software?!), here’s a summary of all the oohs and aahs that went down today.


No more cat names! They’ve unfortunately run out of feline names to use (they didn’t want to go The Aristocats route). So where do they go now?

CALIFORNIA LOOOOOVE. Apple is now planning on naming their OS after places from their base in California. Enter, Mavericks (if you’re not from Northern California, you might have to Google it), the official name for OS X.

Features include, TAGGING! CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF TAGGING! Example: You’re writing an essay. What would some tags be? Boring, Waste of My Time, Science, I Hate School, etc…And just like tags on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and every place else, that essay is now grouped in with every other tag under Waste of My Time. iCloud Keychain: for the forgetful, Keychain remembers all of your passwords, credit cards and the like across all your iPhones, iPads and Macs. iBooks You now get to read “Game of Thrones” on your Macbook! Oh, and you also get total access to the massive (over 1.5 million books) library!

iOS 7

Huge gasp. No more skeuomorphism. Whaaaaat?!

Wait, what does this even mean? Apple is famous for its design interface that had icons, layouts and pages that mimicked real life materials. Examples include the calendar actually looking like a desktop calendar and iBook looking like an actual wood bookshelf. Does it do anything? Eh, no, not really…

With new designs comes the birth of iOS7! New icons, new colors (so many colors), responsive technology and actual rain drops when you check the weather!

**Not a coincidence they hacked the skeuomorphism after seeing Windows’ design**





iTunes Radio

In short, Apple’s streaming radio app. Hey, Pandora.





Also, Siri can be a man, or a woman, and Apple will be making its way into your cars by 2014. Hooray for innovation!

Here’s a detailed list of everything Apple released today, and no, I purposely didn’t omit the “iPhone 5s”, check back in the fall for that one, kiddos.


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