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February 17, 2012  | by: Deidra Goggin

American Idol host and judges

On Wednesday’s American Idol episode, over 150 hopeful contestants took to the stage for Group Day in Hollywood, but not everyone was at ease. As some contestants shined in their group performances and solo acts, nerves got the best of others causing a tumultuous night of ups and downs.

This has been the season of nerves, collapsing on stage and sickness for American Idol. Last week’s episodes featured many contestants passing out from dehydration and also catching some kind of illness that put them out of the game for at least a few hours. This week has been no different.

Contestant Jacquie Cera passed out while walking to the stage for her performance, while Imani Handy passed out while practicing before hitting the stage and again while actually performing. Both girls were sent home. However, country singer Skylar Laine who went to the hospital for dehydration pulled herself together to perform “You Lie” and earned herself a trip to the next round.

The first part of the episode featured the group performances, where four to five contestants made up a group and had to perform together, but were ultimately judged individually. Some performances were forgettable while some groups, like Groove Sauce, knocked it out of the park. Singing “Hold On, I’m Coming,” members Creighton Fraker, Reed Grimm, Jen Hirsch, Aaron Marcellus and Nick Boddington all earned a standing ovation from the judges and moved on to the next round.

Other stand out performances came throughout the night with the solo performances. Once again Reed Grimm gave another amazing performance that he only came up with thirty minutes before he had to perform. He had planned on singing a cappella, but was told he had to perform with the live band, giving him only a handful of minutes to come up with something. Ultimately he decided to play the drums and sing a great rendition of “Georgia on my Mind.”

Creghton Franker and sixteen year old Shannon Magrane sang “What a Wonderful World,” and gave chills to the judges.

The contestants were then divided into four rooms and each room was given the news of either moving on or going home. Rooms one, two, and four were all given the green light which included Jen Hirsch, Reed Grimm, Shannon Magrane, Hallie Day, SKylar Laine, Joshua Ledet, Haley Brown, Britnee Kellogg, Adam Brock and Haley Johnsen.

There are still plenty of contestants that have yet to be featured so hopefully we will see them in Las Vegas! The remaining Idol hopefuls are off to Vegas for the last rounds before the final twenty-four are selected and the live rounds begin!

Do you see any break out stars you’ll be voting for?

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