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June 20, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Instagram (badgirlriri)

Instagram (badgirlriri)


Miguel brought physical meaning to the phrase, “I love my fans,” showing his rather painful admiration of one particular follower last May. Now, Rihanna is the latest star to jump aboard the “Pain Train” after smacking a front-row fan over the head with her microphone Monday night.

I smell a lawsuit-a-brewin’!

Seems like RiRi could learn a thing or two from Beyonce when it comes to dealing with those “too touchy-feely” fans. However, the “Diamonds” starlet decided to take matters into her own hands, or at least her microphone did, anyway. RiRi thought it  would be a good idea to take a swat at a grabbing fan who wasn’t ready to let loose of her arm:

Apparently, Ms. Unapologetic was over two hours late for the venue in Birmingham, England where the thrashing took place. This careless attitude towards being timeliness has been a bad habit lately for Rihanna. Whether it be one hour or simply 10 minutes late, it is unacceptable. Fans spend their hard-earned money to see performers like RiRi, and lashing out at a fan on top of being insanely tardy to the show is completely unprofessional.

I think another lawsuit scheme is set to sizzle any moment now. Wouldn’t you agree?
What do you think about Rihanna’s microphone bashing?

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