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May 11, 2013  | by: Susie Bijan
Twitter (AvrilLavigne)

Twitter (AvrilLavigne)


For many preteens who had the honor of living during 2002 and 2003, the name Avril Lavigne elicited a range of reactions. She was either a “fake try-hard” or that anti-pop, punk princess that sported those trendy yet rebellious jelly bracelets and was never afraid to flip the bird. Say what you want, but she was an icon for the wannabe anarchist youth found in middle schools around the country.

But as I said, that was back in 2002 and the world is at a different place now. When Lavigne’s name is mentioned in conversation now, it usually garners a response filled with harsh ridicule (which is only intensified considering she’s engaged to the king of horribleness and crappy taste, Chad I-Don’t-Really-Care of Nickelback.) If she cared at all for her reputation, she would attempt at evolving her music and aged aesthetic. It’s time to grow up.

However, who said Lavigne was ever concerned with her reputation? Lavigne recently released the music video for her long-awaited (uh) new single, “Here’s To Never Growing Up.” Oh, Avril! Some things never change.

The music video is the definition of hot mess, and features Lavigne in the same outfit she donned back in her “Complicated” days. In the song, she manages to name-drop Radiohead for an ounce of credibility (my bet that it was just “Creep” on heavy rotation), and even takes it a step further by donning the band’s shirt that seems fresh from a Hot Topic rack. The entire video also employs a recycled theme by using a senior prom as a principal set, where Lavigne is the featured performer.

The clip is pretty hard to sit through considering the amount of triteness emitting from its simple existence, and it’s a wonder to me that Lavigne thought it was a great idea. A part of me wishes she would evolve her childish bad girl aesthetic for a more evolved overall image (like Pink’s career trajectory, which has worked wonders for her.) But who am I kidding? We’re talking about the queen of glorified petulance, Avril Lavigne. Maybe she deserves to stay on that throne (and if delusion makes you happy, keep on keeping on).

What do you think of “Here’s to Never Growing Up”? Love it or hate it? Sound off below!


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