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November 22, 2011  | by: Dania McDermott


Known for their ability to unravel beautifully complex soundscapes, Los Angeles art-rock outfit, Warpaint, will be paring down their sound come next album.

Having toured extensively since releasing The Fool (2010) last October, much of the groundwork for the developing album has been laid while on the road, as Theresa Wayman (guitars, vocals) told NME.

“Somebody will make up something while we’re soundchecking and we’ll be like, ‘Don’t forget that because I really want to develop that, there’s something special there.’ ”

Warpaint, who’ve managed to achieve every indie band’s dream of earning critical acclaim and hardcore fan-followings without going completely mainstream, are gunning for an acoustic vibe on their next record:

“It’s sounding quite minimal so far which is interesting because it’s the opposite of what we’ve been doing which is normally pretty complex,” Wayman explained.

To that end, the band has already taken to performing “Jubilee” during their overseas tour circuit. The song, which was ultimately dropped from The Fool, should be received as its long lost track and is set for release as its own single independent of the upcoming album.

Wayman Weighs In

Wayman Weighs In

With most acts, news like this can ignite a maelstrom from the rigid fan sect of an “If if ain’t broke…” ideology. But while the old adage holds true in some cases, its suggestion that altering what already works will effectively ruin things leaves little room for artists to follow their innate course — experiment, learn, grow.

And since their collaborative, thoughtful approach to recording has yet to disappoint, it’s best we wait for Warpaint with confident optimism.

“It’ll be interesting to try and simplify,” said Wayman. “We have never had something as simple as a tambourine in any of our songs, so I’m looking forward to that.”

We are too, Theresa.

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