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April 27, 2011  | by: Lakin Starling

VV Brown

The UK’s VV Brown is a multi-talented artist, full of vivacious charisma and finesse who wants to do nothing more than give you her all through her music. With a soulful and theatrical sound, this girl’s pipes are breathtaking. You might have heard her single “Shark in the Water” where she tiptoes between indie pop and R&B.

While in the UK, VV was accepted into Oxford, however she decided to put her education on the back burner to pursue her music career.  Standing tall, her career as a young girl in the UK took off, but she felt the labels were molding her into an artist that she did not want to be. With ill sentiments about her direction, VV decided to take the risk of embarking on a journey to America to become a star.

She explained in a SXSW interview that “As a solo artist it has been a year of failures and rejection. You just have to keep going. I’ve played in horrible bars and clubs and got through it believing in the power of quantum physics.”

Good news is, her plane has taken off and she’s finally getting the attention she deserves. She dropped it all, including a promise of stardom in the UK, to come to the US in hopes of finding her voice and people willing to listen.

With her 2009 album Travelling Like the Light, VV can still make major moves off of the singles solely from that album. “I Love You” is my favorite.  It’s a ballad that complements VV’s sultry and smooth sound. VV also adds to her dimension by being able to play instruments.  If you haven’t heard of her or given her a chance, please do. You’d be silly not to. Check out this interview & recording of live music from VV:

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