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March 22, 2012  | by: Terralynn Fortune

Vogue Italia features "Haute Mess" in their March 2012 issue

Vogue is known for representing models and designers of high fashion but Vogue Italia is building another reputation. Let’s just say this isn’t the first time Franca Sozzani (Vogue Italia’s editor) had to defend the magazine. In their March 2012 issue, Vogue Italia decided to feature “Haute Mess,” which has the world’s most beautiful women transitioned into a lifestyle that some women follow today. The feature depicts models wearing brightly colored weaves, skin-tight zebra print pants, three-inch acrylic nails and platform heels while eight months pregnant. Do you get a feel on where I’m going with this?

Vogue Italia states that their inspiration came from the messy side of drag queen culture, but the world has never seen RuPaul in gold teeth, facial tattoos and wigs made of Twix candy bar wrappers. Many are guessing that these ideas were pulled from another culture – a ghetto fabulous culture.

Here are some comparisons of hairstyles in Vogue Italia and hairstyles on a blogging site that pokes fun at these styles.

Now the world questions if this was a brilliant idea or another fashion forward failure. Not only were the models taken into consideration, but the location was also analyzed. Deciding to shoot in fast food joints and bathroom stalls didn’t help the issue; it added controversy by putting these models in “low class” environments. I’m sure if there was just a black or white background it would take away a lot of the negativity people are throwing Vogue Italia’s way.

Here’s more messy haute pics!

A Haute Mess!

A Haute(r) Mess!

The Haute(st) Mess!

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