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October 04, 2011  | by: Stephanie Scott

Vivienne Westwood and Models

Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood brought the fierce factor at her launch of her Gold Label Spring/Summer 2012 collection for Paris Fashion Week. Westwood, the Grand Dame of British fashion, knows how the power of fashion affects change. Lately, her clothes have been about saving the planet. Thumbs up for planet Earth.

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Spring/Summer 2012

Even though she’s known for her asymmetrical wrap dresses, oversized pants, and puff-sleeve tops with punk flavor, this time she decided to seduce the audience with more romantic designs. Westwood still brought her outside-of-the-box ideas to the runway and infused her signature corsetry with a Far East twang.

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Spring/Summer 2012

Westwood drew upon 17th century Eastern influences, such as Geishas with modern touches. Luxurious decoration and kimono capes were thrown together with structured tops, jackets, knitted snoods, and draped evening gowns. Her sculptured corsets and punkish loose silks showed off the designer’s love for grunge. Blue lips and yellow and red makeup added to the intensity of the show. Westwood’s other two influences were the desert (because of climate change) and China. The clothes were hopeful and striking, and Westwood mentioned “the Art Lover” as a “Freedom Fighter for a Better World.”

Her red label show in London a few weeks ago, supported an organization called Cool Earth, which is dedicated to saving the rainforest. The eco-punk Gold Label collection was launched at the ballroom of Le Grand Hotel International. The models vogued in front of the photo pit, while 16-year old pianist Kyle Nash-Baker performed in the center of it, playing a “Make Love not War, Save the Planet” message. Only Westwood could seamlessly mix the live piano music with her now-famous medley of 18th-century corseted ball gowns and 20th-century punk attitude.

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Spring/Summer 2012

From the floral embroidery on a boned bodice, an above the knee dress that wrapped longer in the back, to the sparkling lace seen on the transparent bridesmaids dresses and wedding gowns, Ms. Westwood can hold on to the past without losing sight of the future. Westwood is 70 years old and proves that “age ain’t nothing but a number.” Her imagination and creative streak are still as young and vibrant as ever.

Check out footage from Westwood’s Spring/Summer 2012 Gold Label Collection!

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