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June 09, 2011  | by: Dania McDermott

New York City Housewives of Morocco

As the weather warms in the Big Apple, Bravo’s dwindling Real Housewives of New York City franchise offers its own semblance of heat.

Of course, the epicenter of its entertainment value rests squarely on “housewife” LuAnn’s decision to take the girls to Morocco – a place too foreign for the highfalutin Sonja to feel “safe;” a place where Jill sprouts balls that rival camels’; a place where Ramona drops the steely veneer, confirming (for viewers) she can be equal parts vulnerable and crazy.

But something tell us drama-mongers that Bravo’s been sitting on the best part of the Morocco trip (yes, better than watching LuAnn’s quaffed hair flip atop an unyielding camel).

It’s not that we didn’t enjoy Jill and Ramona’s beef: Still upset by the icy reception she faced during her now infamous visit to Ramona’s “renewal retreat” last season, Jill charged Ramona with being responsible for the subsequent demise of her and ex-castmate Bethenny Frankel‘s friendship.

Viewers knew Jill’s accusation was lofty at best; anyone with eyes, ears and the Bravo network saw their friendship crumbling faster than feta – it was watching the usually sniveling red-head speak boldly amidst Ramona’s drunken wrath that proved a joy to behold, filling even her detractors with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Ramona Singer Sobs

Jill’s newfound bravado aside, we knew that given the ladies’ respective personalities – particularly Ramona’s - the argument would go nowhere. Unless, of course, Jill’s neurotic “I’m gonna have a heart attack” quip juxtaposed with Ramona’s creepy bed-side tears count as somewhere.

So where should viewers turn when craving a catfight teeming with intellect and elegance? None other than social-climber-turned-Brooklynite, Alex McCord, and courtesy “Countess,” LuAnn de Lesseps.  In fact, anytime there’s conflict involving awkward yet lone “real housewife,” Alex, the interaction proves so prickly that it’s bound to become fodder for the inevitable reunion special. Here’s hoping.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Thursday nights at 10pm EST.

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