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December 20, 2010  | by: M. Jason Driscoll

Alice in Wonderland, Sex and the City 2 and Iron Man are all featured in the viral video.

Over 600 movies graced the silver screen in 2010, and with the average price of a ticket stub wavering around 10 bucks, I’m willing to bet you didn’t dump six grand at your local Cineplex.  Luckily, thanks to YouTube godsend Genrocks you can watch 270 of them in her six minute montage, Filmography 2010.

“This year’s movies have legitimately transformed my idea of what is creatively possible,” she poetically scrawls in the videos caption box, and then bluntly continues, “To commemorate, I’ve remixed 270 of them into one giant ass video.”

Now, that’s beautiful sentiment.

Her twitter page currently reads like a glowing page of accolades and adoration. (You can follow her @genrocks.)

One user tweets, “Dude, you are on every single blog I read! Every three posts on my reader [are] you! You are a champ!”

Gen humbly replies, “Yeah, I am running on no sleep right now so it’s even more overwhelming than it normally would be. Kinda cool though!”

None of this praise is without reason. The video, which took Gen about two months, is as skillfully edited as any preview an audience member saw before these same films in the past year. A second, third and fourth watch will reveal a subtle and remarkable flow of themes and imagery throughout the entire 363 seconds that will undoubtedly lure you to push replay.

I got the chance to briefly speak to Gen Ip, a Communications major at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC via email.

“I was hoping it would gradually build up a viewership, but I honestly didn’t expect for it to spread as quickly as it did. I was just happy to finally get it off my hard drive and onto the internet to see what kind of a reaction it’d get. The response I’ve gotten so far has been astounding.”

Within the two days since the video has been uploaded it has seen over 660,000 views and that number is still growing exponentially. After leaving my desk for ten minutes, a push of the refresh button revealed a mind-blowing 46,000 more hits.

Commenters from around the world have been leaving remarks echoing the same sentiment, “[…] they should use this on the [Academy] Awards instead of some bad dance number. It’s that good.”

Another viewer even decided to change career paths, “I’m changing my major to filmography. It was already on my mind, but after seeing this video I’m convinced this is what I should be doing.”

What does Gen Ip plan to do though?

“I’m definitely going to continue pursuing creative work. Beyond that, it’s really hard to say!”

Whatever she plans to do next, hundreds of thousands of YouTube viewers are waiting to see.

You can check out Gen’s G-Whiz Production Youtube Channel here and see the complete listing of movies, from start to finish, here.

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