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August 08, 2012  | by: Qisthi Jenkins

Vince Vaughn to re-boot the hit 70's sitcom for CBS

Remember the Bradys?  The classic hit 1970′s sitcom “The Brady Bunch” was a story about a man with three sons, and a woman with three daughters who bring their families together after remarrying. With their long hair and bell bottoms, the Brady’s ruled the airwaves during their generation and were the epitome of the 70′s. I know many have wondered what the Brady’s would be like now in this day and age, and actor Vince Vaughn may just have the answer. 

The Wedding Crashers star is currently working on a “Brady Bunch” reboot for CBS, developing a new contemporary version of the 70′s super family. According to MTV News, the newer “Brady Bunch” will revolve around the youngest son Bobby Brady, who is now divorced and then remarries. While Bobby and his new wife both have children from their first marriages, the modern twist is that the couple also shares a child of their own, while their ex-spouses are still very much a part of their lives. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a sitcom, right?

Vince Vaughn

Vaughn will team up with “Raising Hope” writer Mike Mariano as well as Lloyd Schwartz, son of “the Brady Bunch” original creator Sherwood Schwartz for the recreation of the show. While no casting news has yet been revealed, we can only wonder if any of the original Brady Bunch (actors Maureen McCormick, Eve Plum, Susan Olsen, Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland, Florence Henderson, Robert Reed, Ann B. Davis) will make appearances on the Brady reboot. Though, something tells me the answer is yes….or, so I hope.

CBS will not comment on the development of the Brady Bunch 2.0, however, the CBS network is no stranger to the classic TV series reboot. Take the new and improved “Hawaii Five-O” series, for example. CBS TV studios also produce the CW’s “90210″, a reboot of nineties drama “Beverly Hills 90210″. If these two successfully revised series are any indication of how the new Brady Bunch will be, we can only expect great things.

Let us know what you predict the 2012 version of “The Brady Bunch” will entail!

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