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April 23, 2012  | by: Amanda Jones

Victoria Briggs

Victoria Briggs is a 22-year old Seattle native who knows a thing or two about being fashionable yet comfortable. As a college student and a photography enthusiast, she’s constantly on the go so her outfits must be practical and comfortable first and foremost.

“When I know I am doing a shoot I always wear bottoms that I can move around in,” Victoria says. “Shoes are not a big concern, I have been known to take them off on many an occasion. So skirts, dresses, and tight jeans are pretty much out of the question.” When not doing photography though, she’s open to skirts and dresses, etc.

But overall you would pick being comfortable over looking nice then?

Yeah always, always comfort. Looking nice is awesome, but if I am uncomfortable then I won’t feel like I look nice.

How important are accessories to you?

Incredibly important. I was actually just talking about this to a friend of mine the other day. There are so many options for girls – and one simple accessory can complete any outfit. But simple is the way I go. I never want to be outweighed by my accessories.

Victoria's necklace from Target

Where do you shop most times?

Everywhere. I love Target – it is kind of a problem. Two of my favorite stores are Anthroplogie and Francesca’s. I could live in either store, but most of the time I probably stick to Target, H&M and Forever 21 — or any place having a terrific sale, I definitely can’t pass that up!

Who are your style icons or people you think have great style?

To be totally honest I don’t have anyone that I idealize and base all my outfits around. I mean there are definitely celebs who have some great style, but I prefer to just look at people on the streets. When I go to shop, someone that I recently saw with the most adorable outfit will spring to mind and I will attempt to find something like that, that will flatter me and my body. I love drawing ideas from other people. I just try to make it my own.

Victoria's Sandals, from Target

Do you consider yourself stylish or fashionable?

Honestly I had never really thought about it. I just like putting together what I think are cute outfits. But I would definitely say that I ‘feel’ more fashionable the older I get. I feel like I ‘fell’ into my own personal style.

Victoria's complete outfit, Dress from H&M and jean jacket from Old Navy

Are you a fan of mixing styles?

Most definitely yes, because mixing styles in the way that you see fit makes your personal style unique – and unique is always the way to go.

Best advice for looking fashionable?

I guess to always be you. Don’t try and be someone that isn’t you, whether in the clothes you pick or in the person you are. You is the best that you got, so if you think something looks good take a risk. As long as you stick to what you like and not what everyone else thinks looks good, you will always look good.

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