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August 06, 2012  | by: Jasmina Cuevas

Music video director, Vashtie Kola

Music video director, Vashtie Kola, has been challenging the standards of video directing for quite some time. By using visuals rather than words, she has opened up our minds wide enough to see the whole picture. Vashtie’s images reveal what others are fearful of showing and her stories are directed flawlessly. Pushing herself and those around her to the limits, Vashtie has always proven that there is more to see outside the box then in.

Born and raised in Albany, NY, most expected that Vashtie’s style and mentality would be a bit off for the New York City lifestyle, but her ideas superseded what everyone presumed. While attending The School of Visual Arts in NYC, Vashtie explored NYC and got to know the city’s ins and outs. As she studied directing and cinematography, Vashtie interned for RSA/Black Dog Films and HSI and worked at Stussy. The combination of filming and fashion intrigued Vashtie and it opened up her vision to larger ideas.

Vashtie began working with the music industry shortly after moving to NYC and her name began to rotate around the city. In 2005, she was signed to Box Fresh Pictures and began her career as a director there. She started out by directing videos for Tony Hussle, J-Status and on the side she worked alongside director, Anthony Mandler by writing treatments for him. Her ‘push forward’ energy, got her to the point where she wrote the treatment for Common’s “Testify.”

Vashtie’s dedication and ambition caught many people’s attention including LA Reid and in 2006 he offered her the position as Director of Creative Services for Def Jam. Vashtie turned Def Jam inside out and created a completely new vibe for the company. But working at Def Jam was not enough for the motivated director. She started throwing 90′s parties all around New York City. The atmosphere and scenery from her parties caught the eye of many celebrities and Vashtie teamed up with Q-Tip to throw parties every week. Through these events Vashtie met Jay-Z, Diddy and the higher ups of the music industry. She was absolutely flourishing.

Though working at Def Jam was an amazing opportunity, Vashtie was determined to continue to focus on her true passion. Leaving Def Jam in 2007, Vashtie began to focus on her video directing a lot more and her resume began to grow. Directing videos for Kid Cudi to Big K.R.I.T, Vashtie gained the experiences she needed while expanding her roster. Once she got back into the flow of directing, Vashtie began to also focus on building her own fashion line. Gaining experience from styling and modeling for Pharrell’s clothing line, Billionaire Boys Club, Vashtie already knew that she could handle the duties. In 2008, her clothing line, VIOLETTE, launched and it received great exposure.


Music video director, fashionista, entrepreneur and just an all-around cool chick, Vashtie has done nothing but expand her unique ideas into a one woman empire. Exploring the possibilities that there is more to video directing than what is put in front of us, she opened up doors for video directors to come. And along with that, her fashion sense is fire and she continues to push everyone around her to step their weight up.

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