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February 16, 2013  | by: Susie Bijan
(Flickr, Marco From Houston)

Flickr (Marco From Houston)


A few days ago, I was predictably sharing with a friend that Usher’s Confessions – its tenth birthday is next year and I’m already making preparations - is still one of the best album releases of this past century. To this day, I still find it a gift that just keeps on giving, despite it being released almost a decade ago. Whenever I pass by some palm trees, I’m still compelled to put “Burn” on my iPod and envision the trees bursting into flames in a melodramatic fashion.

It’s just a universally-accepted fact: Usher is the patron saint of jams. Whether it’s a slow-paced but emotionally potent ballad full of wonderfully cheesy lyrical game or a club hit that literally can’t escape the brain due to a little lesson in repetition from Lil Jon, Usher never fails to deliver. In 2012, he released the indispensably sexy “Climax,” a track that still rests in the top spot of my favorite songs list for that year. Diplo helped produce the hit, and the two have gifted the eager public again on Valentines Day with the release of “Go Missin’.” The track is available to download on Soundcloud for free. What did I say about Usher being a saint?

“Go Missin’” is not on the same level as “Climax,” but features a good enough beat worthy of a proper vibe out session. Diplo’s production definitely saves the song – their pairing is a union made in heaven – but I still found myself wanting more. While “Climax” appropriately delivered in all aspects, “Go Missin’” never reaches its full potential: it’s a standard, Diplo-produced track.


The only thing that makes me hit the repeat button is the rather strange personality the song touts around. It’s basically in the same tune of Rockwell’s classic (Michael Jackson only providing backing vocals!) one hit wonder “Somebody’s Watching Me,” the ultimate in catchy creeper jams. The darker undertones of Usher’s song definitely give “Go Missin’” a complex layer, but it makes you wonder if its really appropriate for a Valentine’s Day release. Who knows, perhaps some people find the whole kidnapping-as-seduction move romantic. And we all know that Usher has covered almost every base of the playing field when it comes to romance, and maybe he wanted to take a page from The Police’s book this time when it comes to pursuing a girl. Oye.

What do you think of the song? Is it a hit or miss?

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