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April 16, 2013  | by: Susie Bijan
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Twitter (Guy Code)


If you were unfortunate enough to sit through the entirety of the MTV Movie Awards last night like I did (we’re all masochists to tune in every year, let’s face it), a particular moment of extreme awkwardness – out of many! – captured the attention of audiences everywhere. Well, sort of, considering we’ve seen that moment before.

In an act inspired by the great Kanye West (the king of award show interruptions), Aubrey Plaza decided it would be a great idea to rush the stage barefoot, and attempt to grab Will Ferrell’s creative genius trophy out of his hands. Except it didn’t work like West’s historic act of justice when he snatched Taylor Swift’s award out of her bare hands (which left the world speechless and frantically rewinding their DVRs to relive the moment). It was painfully stupid watching a wordless Plaza struggle as Ferrell resisted her attempts to steal the award out of his hands, and her resulting failure was just a final nail in the coffin of desperation. Plaza, you tried it.

Even though the notoriously deadpan actress is known for her relatively low key performance on the television show Parks and Recreation (where she plays April Ludgate, an apathetic assistant to Ron Swanson), her act of selfless promotion – she had the title of her upcoming film scribbled on her chest with black marker, heavy sigh – finally made me realize that I’m overwhelmingly tired of her schtick. On Parks, she pretty much plays herself: needlessly sarcastic and biting. She compares herself to witches often and controversially refuses hugs (yes, she’s very popular on Tumblr).

I’m just tired of her serious case of “special snowflake” syndrome, y’know?  We get it: you’re weird and like to say offensive things to come off as charming. But girl, you’re better than this! There are many ways to plug an upcoming film, and Plaza’s planned spectacle was pretty much an act of plagiarism in the genre of award show sabotage. Oh, and before you try to Kanye someone, it’s a good idea to build up a proper, “weirdo” resume before you attempt to do something as ballsy as that. Sorry, but one supporting role in a TV show and two films don’t cut it.

What do you think of Plaza’s failed sabotage at the MTV Movie Awards? Tell us below!

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