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March 20, 2013  | by: Susie Bijan
Twitter (ColdAsLucas)

Twitter (ColdAsLucas)


The resident goofball extraordinaire of the rap and hip-hop world, Tyler, The Creator, is pretty good at directing videos. The video for his 2011 single, “Yonkers,” was the first taste of the young rapper’s serious talent behind the lens: the clip frames the rapper in a minimalistic black and white presentation, but soon it manages to surpass the vicious intensity found in Tyler’s song with gruesome imagery to match. He also directed the music video for Earl Sweatshirt’s “WHOA.”

Despite the creepiness achieved in “Yonkers,” most people simply identify the 22 year old rapper and member of the notorious Odd Future rap collective as a serial jokester, not a dude who “stabs Bruno Mars in the goddamn esophagus” (even though that lyric does stick) and snacks on roaches. Tyler’s Twitter is decorated by unicorns drawn on MS Paint and passionate tweets in caps lock. He stars in his own sketch comedy show on Adult Swim. You literally need only a minute to understand that his sense of humor is based on pure spectacle and unabashed absurdity. He has a pseudo alter-ego that happens to be a goat named Felicia. I think that sums everything up.

But Tyler’s brazen formula for success is working really well for him, even if it’s attracted a lot of enemies. There’s no denying that this kid has talent: the ballsy rhymes and his directing work prove it. And Mountain Dew definitely seems to agree with my sentiments: the soda company tapped Tyler to direct a series of commercials for the brand. Tyler revealed the first installment on his Twitter a few days ago…and well, just take a look at the genius clip yourself.


The video opens innocently with a couple (featuring Errol Chatham) enjoying dinner, and Chatham remarking to his girlfriend to notice the obnoxiously drunk goat (yes, that alter-ego Felicia) dining at a table behind them. Words – or drunk screeching? – start to come out of the goat’s mouth when he’s approached by a waitress, and he demands a Mountain Dew. But as the hilarious clip shows, simply one bottle is not enough for the barbaric farm animal.

At the end of the day, something like a nasty goat with no table manners will land you a directing gig for a Mountain Dew commercial because it’s entertaining. In a slew of banal commercials for banal products, Tyler’s commercial is a rare gem. Oh, and it really makes me want a bottle of Mountain Dew.

What do you think of Tyler’s directing work and the commercial? Shock tactics or genius? Tell us what you think below.

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