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July 22, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Instagram (tylerposeysweden)

Instagram (tylerposeysweden)


Mr. Teen Wolf gets engaged to his middle school main squeeze Seana Gorlick. Tears of joy and envy ensue. For an occasion like this, it’s appropriate to crank out that stash of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream you’ve been stowing away and let the sob-fest begin.

Whoever said true love doesn’t exist obviously never met this delightful couple who have been exchanging valentines since the tender age of 11. In an interview with toofab at Comic-Con in San Diego, Posey gushed about what it’s like to discover true love as a young tike: “I couldn’t really put it into words when I was that young but I always had this really strong connection to her and it’s just been something I can’t really explain other than, ‘I want to marry you and be with you forever.’”

I was never really into the Teen Wolf franchise. I’d heard about its origins and understood that a televised remake was set in order, but I could care less about the actual show. That was until I had seen how gorgeous the lead character, played by Tyler Posey was: stunning smile, cute eyes and hot bod? Yumm. It came as a complete shocker that he had been coupled up for so long, especially with the same girl since elementary days. Now that’s commitment!

Instagram (tylerposeysweden)

Instagram (tylerposeysweden)


No matter how jealous I am of his bride-to-be, the two make a very cute couple. With Posey being only 21, this type of commitment is pretty astounding, and impressive. Then again, the two have been an item for over a decade. I think their marriage will be a legitimate one and I don’t expect these two lovebirds to be squaring off in divorce court anytime soon.


What do you all think of Posey’s shocking engagement?

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