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September 28, 2011  | by: Katherine Bautista

Charlene, Bergenfield, New Jersey

It is never too young to start showing your personality through your wardrobe.  Whether you are inspired by your cultural heritage or a celebrity, it is your own personal style that makes you, YOU!  Only a junior in high school, Charlene showcases her style in this outfit that has everyone wondering: who or what inspires her?

Whether she’s hitting the books, prepping for her next dance-off, or winning her volleyball game, fashion seems to always be running through Charlene’s mind.

Charlene puts together an outfit that screams diva! She wears a basic v-neck white shirt from Urban Outfitters, tucked over black leggings from H&M, tops it off with a boyfriend button down from Forever 21, and finishes the outfit with the classic peep toe booties from Aldo. This outfit is incredibly fashionable.  Although it is basic in colors, the pairing of each item makes it work for a young fashionista “to be.” It also shows comfort, because I love my basic v-neck shirts and leggings that one can do so much with. These items can be found in stores like Forever 21, American Apparel, and Urban Outfitters.


When Charlene thinks of style, she is inspired by the very unique and fashionable singer Rihanna. Often, she will try to incorporate Rihanna’s stylish attitude into her own personal fashion. However, it all depends.  As Charlene says, “When it comes to having fun, I like to dress sexy, yet classy…when it comes to school, I like to dress sophisticated, a bit flirtatious with a mix of preppy.”  She definitely knows what she wants!

Remember, there is no such thing as “too young” in fashion. Fashion speaks to personality, and personality is YOU!  So women and young ladies, keep being inspired, and keep those wardrobes fresh because you may just be the next Chic Street girl!

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