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April 25, 2013  | by: Susie Bijan
Dr. Hannibal Lector, portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen

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Ever since Hannibal premiered on NBC a few weeks ago in the coveted 10 PM time slot, my love for the morbid television series has increased tenfold with each episode. The success of the series is definitely a bet for conventional TV audiences – every episode so far has opened with a daunting title card warning of impeding graphic violence – but it’s not like we haven’t seen gore on our screens before. And Bryan Fuller’s soon-to-be masterpiece deals with a familiar character: the charmingly dandy cannibal, Dr. Hannibal Lector. What’s not to love?

A show hasn’t captivated me to this extent since my obsession for the notoriously frustrating (yet brilliant) Lost. Not even my myriad of “superior” British dramas can hold up to this beast. Here are some reasons why you should watch now:

1.) It’s Hannibal, duh.
In Fuller’s adaption, Swedish actor Mads Mikkelsen plays a hauntingly subdued version of the infamous Lector, and the results are brilliant to see on screen. While Anthony Perkins gave a memorable performance in the film adaptions, his version of the character lacked the quiet intensity found in Mikkelsen’s portrayal. The evil depicted here is dangerously subtle, yet delightful. And Mikkelsen looks like a sexy trout, which helps the mystifying aura he has going on.

2.) Hugh Dancy. Hugh Dancy with Dogs. Did I mention Hugh Dancy? – If you’re a fan of Claire Danes on Homeland, you should definitely keep an eye on her dreamboat husband, British actor Hugh Dancy. Dancy plays opposite of Mikkelsen as the anxiety-prone, FBI investigator Will Graham. The poor guy has nightmares that cause him to sweat through the night due to his overwhelming talent on the job, but it also grants the viewer gratuitous scenes of Dancy in his boxers, so I’m not complaining. He also looks like a little puppy whenever he furrows his brow (also nice.) But aesthetic biases aside, Dancy’s raw vulnerability as Graham is a great complement to Mikkelsen’s stoic elegance.

3.) Bryan Fuller is a mad genius. And don’t forget his Twitter account. Who would have thought that Fuller had it in him to craft such a horrifyingly addictive television show? Some of the murders depicted hold no reservations, and possess a type of creativity (mushroom clusters - that’s all I have to say) that’s unprecedented on TV. If you’re bored of The Following already (like many), just quit now and watch Hannibal. And if you’re on Twitter, watching every episode premiere live turns into a Pop-Up Video affair: Fuller tweets insight on almost every tidbit, behind the scenes or not.

Will you be watching Hannibal now? Catch it every Thursday at 10 PM on NBC.

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