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September 20, 2012  | by: Martha Adjei

Donald Trump and Kate Middleton


Donald Trump,  reality star, CEO, and owner of the Miss Universe Organization is no stranger to controversy. The Dailymail shares his opinion on the the Kate Middleton picture scandal, where Kate was photographed topless while relaxing in the sun with royal hubby, Prince William.  The photos were then published in French magazine, Closer, but the royal family sued for damages.  Donald Trump used twitter to broadcast his views on the incident.

“Kate Middleton is great – but she shouldn’t be sunbathing in the nude – only herself to blame,’ Trump tweeted.

He wasn’t done there. He also went on Fox  saying that Kate should have known better than to go out topless, being the princess at all.

“‘Why would she be standing in the nude in a swimming pool or wherever she was. She’s Kate. It’s terrible what they did, it’s terrible to take pictures, but boy, how can you do a thing so stupid?’

He also implied that Harry’s scandal was a little less scandolous than Kate’s.

‘The Harry thing you can almost say he was less… his security did a pretty bad job. But to be outside at a swimming pool without a top on and you’re Kate… you know. Maybe they can stop it but it is a very, very foolish thing she did.’

I don’t agree with many things that Trump has to say (especially pertaining to his undying love for Romney), but this time, I think he’s right. When you’re always in the public eye, you’ve really got to be careful with everything you’re doing, even if you think you’re not being watched. I hope the royal family is able to recover the photos and get them off the internet, because I can’t image how Kate must feel right now. Hopefully, we won’t be hearing about any more royal family picture scandals in the near future!

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