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August 29, 2011  | by: Kerri O'Malley

Eric, Sookie & Bill

A few weeks back, I pondered the disturbing repercussions of Eric and Sookie’s new sexual relationship and feared that we wouldn’t see the return of normal, evil Eric until next season.  But dedicated True Blooders know: I was wrong.  While I’m more than happy to have our blonde bad boy back, suddenly things are even more complicated.

As predicted, the return of Eric’s personality has turned Sookie off, but unpredictably, the reason isn’t his black heart.  Sookie’s just jonesing for Bill again. But imagined threesomes aside, the real complication here is that both boys seem really bad, at least according to Sookie.

Where the lines were clear before, they’ve now blurred.  And thank goodness.  As I mentioned in my previous True Blood post, things were getting too black and white for Sookie.  She’s always been the fairly (no pun intended) two-dimensional good girl, but her acceptance of newborn good baby Eric this season threw things over the edge, waaaay too far into sugar, spice and everything nice territory.  Now that both of her vampire lovers are bent on bloodshed, will Sookie be forced to face the side of her that loves the evil?  (Hint: You only date creatures of the night.)  Or will she run quick into the arms of another, much more wholesome boy (read: Alcide)?  As much as I like seeing Alcide shirtless, here’s hoping that Sookie thinks twice before turning tail on her bad side.

Because if this past episode teaches us anything, it’s that Sookie may just have the most raw power.  True, she seems incapable of controlling it, another frustrating aspect of True Blood.  Why can’t our girl have a little agency here?  But hopefully Sook will learn to control her zap powers like she’s managed to handle her mind reading abilities.  If Sookie becomes a real force to be reckoned with, rather than a bang-able skin casing for a golden blood stream that needs to be protected and saved, True Blood: Season 5 could get interesting. What if Sookie turned evil?  Awesome!

Season 4 True Blood Poster

But now I’m just daydreaming.  With two episodes left this season, True Blood: Season 4 has done little more than disappoint.  Let’s face it, the most fun part of this season has been watching the terrible plot lines die.  We all breathed sighs of relief when the demon baby story finally died, fairy world got closed off, and the were-panthers disappeared into the night.  Now it seems like Sam’s family problems are finally out of the picture, and maybe Andy’s drug addiction will also no longer be a major part of the story (fingers crossed).

Basically, the best we can hope for is a clean slate to start next season.  With Alcide possibly single, Eric back and feeling the love, and Sookie tangled up in Bill once again, things will definitely be more sizzling and less ridiculously creepy for Sook next year.  I mean, I know I’m watching HBO and all, but did Sookie really have to go all semi-child molester and sleep with the Eric version of Tom Hanks in Big over and over and over again this season?  That was some kind of torture, HBO.

The last two episodes of True Blood are on the way.  We’ve made it this far, super fans.  There’s no sense in turning back now.

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