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August 07, 2012  | by: Olivia Kamara

Classic Wrist Watches

Since the advancement of technology, the dire need for wrist watches have up until now been  a thing of the past. Today we have cellphones, iPads and other gizmos and gadgets that can readily provide the time to us. Although the need of wrist watches have faded for their functionality purposes, they seem to be making a timely comeback as the latest trends in the world of accessories.

Instead of  creating watches that are for utilitarian purposes , watchmakers and retailers have been hammering out watches that satisfy the fashion statement aspect of wrist watch connoisseurs.

In short, people are snatching up watches  just not to tell time. They’re instead using the timepieces to show off their own personal tastes, whether it be classic, retro or street style.

Some of the latest styles have been the classic leather strap watches. Leather straps offer a vintage-y and simple look. Like this one by Bulova.

Bulova Leather Wrist Watch

This Bulova watch has Roman numerals, which has been a popular addition seen in lot of the watches in this season’s line of trendy wrist wear.

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

Another popular look are the signature gold watches. This one from Michael Kors has been a popular item in retailers like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

Watches have always been considered statement pieces in the luxury market, and today, that market is booming, too.

I for one, wouldn’t be caught dead without my gold plated Michael Kors watch. It goes with everything and it is a fashion must-have!

So what do you guys think of wrist watches? are they out of date, or right on time?

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