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March 11, 2013  | by: Amanda Fiore
Flickr (...love Maegan)

Flickr (…love Maegan)


Spring is definitely on its way. It’s time to swap out the bulky winter sweaters and exchange them for colorful prints and bold floral pieces of spring. Adding a few trendy accessories or revamping your color pallet will do the trick! If you cannot wait for the drastic temperature hikes to show some skin and embrace spring 2013 fashion, start your wardrobe transition today by following these critical steps.

Add color. It’s no surprise that along with spring comes color, and lots of it! After the long, dark dreary winter it is about time we brighten things up!  Although it may be a bit too early to start incorporating bright tangerine and magentas into your everyday look, ditch the dark hues by embracing neutrals and simple pops of color.

Instead of navys, reds, and blacks, opt for subtle blush and nude colors to brighten up your look, or go for a bold clutch or necklace. This easy swap makes all the difference!

Flickr (...love Maegan )

Flickr (…love Maegan )

Layer, layer, layer. Layering is an effortless, creative way to transition your wardrobe into spring.  With the ever-changing temperatures that are infamous for this time of year, layers allow you to add and subtract clothing as needed. Try pairing a top or dress with a light denim jacket or a floral cardigan. These looks are both fashionable and functional.

Accessorize. Pick up on this spring’s most trendy accessories and start adding them to your daily outfits. Right now colorful, bold shoes and two-toned bags are the hottest spring items. Splurge on a few of these pieces and start incorporating them today.

Storage. This last step is common sense, yet people always forget. Start putting your winter gear into storage, whether it is under your bed or in the back of your closet. Make room for spring fashion! Get rid of those thick wool coats and heavy furs and keep lightweight pieces around for layering purposes. Making room for your new wardrobe will compel and excite you to make that transition from winter to spring.

Although transitioning your wardrobe between seasons can be a hassle, it can be done more quickly and efficiently if you take the right steps. Start the new season off right by stepping away from the dreary winter and embracing the fashion must haves of spring.

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