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January 10, 2013  | by: Taja Whitted

Every year we make resolutions. If you’re like me you always try to up your style game from the previous year. Here’s how you can without breaking the bank.

1. Assess what you have in your closet.

Anyone can look great on a limited budget if they have at least one of three classic wardrobe staples.

The first being a fitted blazer. Do you remember in Cinderella when the evil step-mother said ‘hide all your flaws til after the wedding’? If Cinderella had a fitted blazer she would have instantly made her rags look like the trendiest piece in town. A blazer allows you to look well dressed on a crappy day by adding a tailored appeal to your outfit. On a great day you can belt a longer version to show off that great waist you have!

Flickr (Maria Morri)


The second classic staple you most likely have in your closet is the pencil skirt. Not just for interviews anymore, the pencil skirt hugs your curves while looking neat and classy.

Flickr (The integer Club)

Lastly a Funky scarf. A scarf can be used for a multitude of things, instead of just keeping your neck warm and cozy. It can be used as a hair tie or belt, which saves you from having to purchase a headband on those bad hair days.

Flickr (lulu lemon)


2. Step out in a daring color combination.

Now that you have your style basics pulled out, try adding a little color into your wardrobe for a fresh and new look. If your blazer is black or navy opt for a teal, white or pink. Having a colorful piece takes the focus off problem areas and makes you feel energetic and confident, more so than the plain boring black. You can also pair unlikely colors together. Fashion is all about taking risks, let this be the year you do.

Tumblr (Maegan Tintari, Ella Valentine, Lina Lundstedt)



3. Accessorize. Many women fail to realize how jewelry and accents can transform the nature of a look. You can be a bohemian darling with a simple strand chain, or a glam queen with statement rings, its up to you!

Earlier I mentioned the versatility of the funky scarf. Whether yours is printed or monotone, you can use it to stand out. Add it your hair instead of a scrunchie, weave into a braid, or intertwine two scarves as a bracelet on your wrist. Your friends will think you went to the mall, but you actually shopped in your closet!

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