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March 08, 2013  | by: Susie Bijan
Orange-kun (Wikimedia Commons)

Orange-kun (Wikimedia Commons)


If you were not bored to death by this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live – sorry, Kevin Hart; it’s not you, it’s definitely the show – and had your eyes (and ears) alert during the commercials, you probably noticed the weird advertisement Daft Punk aired that ran for a tantalizingly short 15 seconds. The ad featured the trademark Daft Punk headgear donned by duo Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter in addition to French electronic band’s iconic logo.

Oh, and another important tidbit: the ad also teased what seemed like new music by the group featuring an incredibly funky tune that easily demands an infinite amount of YouTube replays. Someone has already made my life – and millions of others, I bet – easier already with this video.

The elusive pair haven’t released an album since 2005′s Only Human, and the news of a record deal with Columbia Records in January only raises suspicions of fresh material from the band. In the mean time, I’ve collected the top three songs – and videos! – by Daft Punk to revive the love and good vibrations.

1.) “Around the World” – Kooky characters (robots with bug antennae, female dancers dressed up as mummies and skeleton people in cheap Party City costumes), rad choreography and colorful psychedelic imagery courtesy of music video icon Michel Gondry: what more could you want? The video is definitely a visual treat, but the music ultimately puts us under a delightful spell due to its catchy repeating hook (which somehow never crosses into “annoying” territory.) The song was released in 1997 yet hasn’t aged a bit, and really stands as a testament to the band’s greatness.

2.) “Aerodynamic” – Whenever I listen to this track, I feel like I’m stuck in the climax of an epic superhero story reserved for Saturday morning cartoon specials (everything also takes place on the disco floor, but I’m not complaining). The song heavily features the disco and synthpop-y sounds Daft Punk used with their sophomore album, Discovery, yet the around the 1:00 mark it decides to completely bamboozle your auditory senses by introducing a dauntless – and incredibly ballsy – electronic guitar solo. I also love how the song ends with the single ring of a church bell, as if to mourn the lukewarm state of your life before you decided to listen to it.

3.) “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” - The track is perhaps the definite classic in Daft Punk’s catalog, and the most recognizable thanks to a lil’ exposure by Kanye West (he heavily sampled Daft Punk’s track in his hit “Stronger,” from his album Graduation).  From the song’s opening beats, it’s literally impossible to resist the “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”‘s hypnotic effect on your body’s capabilities to groove: whenever I hear it, I always have to get up and perform some shoddily-executed dance move as compensation. Also, only Daft Punk can make me feel like I’m stuck in a video game where I’m constantly winning every level.

What are some of your favorite Daft Punk songs? Are you excited for their possible return? Tell us below!

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