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March 11, 2013  | by: Rebecca Giampolo
Twitter (vitaminwater)

Twitter (vitaminwater)


With midterms week coming to a close and spring break right around the corner, the only thing on my mind is sunshine. Well, sunshine, and sunglasses, that is. Whether lounging with your best friends in the back yard or going on a crazy tropical adventure, spring break promises relaxation, memories, and these latest fashion trends.

Surf’s up! The hot color schemes for spring are sure to stir up some waves. From New York to Milan, sun-soaked looks washed over the spring runway. Designers Proenza Schouler and Thakoon Panichgul dove in head first with electric tie-dyes and vibrant patterns, while Miuccia Prada remained in the shallow end finishing of retro-tinged Bermudas with subtle palm-tree prints. Panichgul tries to clear the humid air when telling Teen Vogue, “Surf’s energy and speed have a very visual impact,” but it does not necessarily take boarding skills to balance the look for dry land.

Bathing Bras. This season, Alexander Wang’s debut line of innerwear as outerwear had the runway making sporty cottons cool again. The sexy and multifunctional style of sports bras as tops is an innovative and subtle way to accentuate your freshly toned abs without going overboard on frills. The girly feel of lace or satin is somewhat of an oxymoron when paired with a strong, sexy stomach anyway. (@AlexanderWangNY)

Twitter (AlexanderWangNY)


Pop My Collar, I’m sweatin’. Rooting back to prepster basics and pairing them with party frocks, all eyes are on Alexa Chung. The clever Brit mixed a Burberry trench over a Versace minidress. She paired a Topshop varsity style jacket with Mulberry’s new Alexa bag that was named in her honor. The trick is to maintain a single color palette (preferably in a bright hue), and keep accessories minimal yet eye-catching. (@alexa_chung)

Twitter (alexa_chung)


International Inspirations. When all-American icons hook up with Italian legends sparks, or zigzags, are sure to fly. Converse and Missoni give a new meaning to the saying “opposites attract.” A sneaker company, that targets hipsters and skaters, collaborates with a boho-glam fashion house most commonly know for its zany zigzags and chic color combinations. The Chuck Taylors are color-soaked with the family’s famous print, but only for a limited time, Missoni tells Teen Vogue. Although tribal patterns and electric brights are everywhere this season, this union is just a spring fling. (@Missoni)

Twitter (Missoni)


Get Down in Denim. Shying away from the recent season denim on denim layer looks, the Spring 2013 runway features a head-to-toe look no cowgirl could resist. What’s better than slipping on your favorite pair of jeans? Get the full experience by pairing denim overalls with lighter shades of blue and neutral flats.

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