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September 05, 2011  | by: Martha Adjei

Blake Livley: Simple and Chic Without A Belt

Trend makers are always talking about the fashion rules you can’t get dressed without, and stylists change the list every season. Well, I’m tired of piling on the season’s trendiest extras, so here’s a list of rules fashion minimalists can (and should) ignore. 

Who feels like putting on a whole wardrobe’s worth of excessories everyday? Too many spices spoil the soup.  I’m asking for a little help from my favorite style stars who show us all that rules are meant to be broken.  (And don’t worry gentlemen, soon to come is a minimal list for you too!)

1.Belt Go for the flow with an exaggerated tee. It’s alright if it’s not tightly cinched to the waist, let the fabric find the natural shape of your body.  If you have a larger frame, an oversized shirt dress will add a sense of mystery to your form. If you’re a little on the petite side, use the oversize tee to accentuate the length of your body.

Olivia Wilde at formal event with no earrings

2.Earrings For a lot of us, putting on earrings is second nature, but this isn’t true for everyone. Sometimes we get busy and spending ten minutes on our knees looking for earring backs isn’t an option. So don’t be afraid to skip the earrings. Ladies with long hair, slick it over your ears. No one will ever know about those empty holes in your head.

3.Hair Accessories Very similar to skipping the earrings.  You don’t have to have anything in your hair to add to an outfit, even if you’re dressing up. If you have hair extensions, great. Gel them. Slick them back. You don’t need bows, hairbands, or jewels to look elegant.

4.Socks As long as you keep your feet neat and hygienic, there’s no need to wear socks every time you put on a closed-toed shoe. Boat shoes are perfect for an on-the go slip on/slip off shoe. Just stick with flip-flops in the warm months. If you’re going to a formal event, you can probably risk wearing comfortable shoes under a full length gown.

Kristin Cavallari in elegant dress and flip fliops

5. Watch If you have lonely wrist syndrome, slip on some multi-colored string bracelets instead. If keeping track of time is an issue, I’m not sure of a cell phone that can’t take care of that for you. You’ll be okay without a watch in the 21st century.

Now to me there is no such thing as a fashion don’t, I’m just saying accessorizing isn’t the key to chic. Sometimes the less you try, the more elegant you look. Don’t feel the need to weigh yourself down. Enjoy the experience of dressing with as little or as much as you choose.

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