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September 19, 2011  | by: Emily Longeretta

One of Our Favorite TV Couples: Carrie & Mr. Big

Last night, Emmy voters revealed their favorite TV shows and actors, but today we’re wondering: Where’s the love for love?  There are 100s of TV couples who spice up our tube every week. However, there are some that just stick out in our minds, and we aren’t sure how they ever could be apart!  So here’s the run-down of who should be together forever — on TV and off — and forget the spouses they may have now.

Will & Grace

5. Sam Malone & Diane Chambers: Cheers

You know you agree because when a sarcastic womanizer like Sam Malone mixes with an uptight, orderly Diane Chambers, it’s a perfect compliment.  No two people on TV compliment each other like these two!

4. Will Truman & Grace Adler: Will & Grace

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. So they can never be an actual couple, but they are soulmates that are meant for each other. Whether they are living together, or living with their significant others (Grace, please stay away from Harry Connick Jr.!), they are a pair worth loving.

3.  Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big: Sex and the City

Ross & Rachel on "Friends"

While Aiden and the others dozens of men Carrie dated in her time are certainly sexy, it always came back to Mr. Big.  The way he calls her “kid,” mixed with the way she calls him “John” is just too adorable to not love.

2. Ross Gellar and Rachel Greene: Friends

Alright, you got me. Friends is clearly one of the best shows ever made, and it was a difficult choice for me, as I’m usually partial to the Rachel/Joey couple.

However, I must admit the chemistry between Ross and Rachel was superior,and the fact that they are, well, “Ross and Rachel” wins out. His nerdy side mixed with her classy side is a match made in television heaven.

1. Pacey Witter and Josephine Potter: Dawson’s Creek

Pacey & Joey in "Dawson's Creek"

Sorry, you Dawson/Joey fans, it just wasn’t meant to be. Didn’t you see the finale? Pacey’s bad boy self is completely irresistible to the good girl from across the creek, Joey.  I mean, he bought her a wall. We knew it ever since the beginning of season 3, and whether it’s Dawson’s Creek or not, Joey is for sure Pacey’s girl.

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