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January 09, 2013  | by: Amanda Fiore

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February is just a month away and as the London Fashion Week approaches bringing together the most talented international fashion icons, all eyes are on Tom Ford. For the first time in fashion history, designer Tom Ford is ridding his no-photo policy, opening his showcase to bloggers and photographers.

Previously, fashion legend Tom Ford held secret, intimate showcases confiscating cell phones at the front door to avoid the mass viewing of his fashion lines, made possible by social media. By limiting access to technology, therefore, social media during his shows, Ford had the power to selectively pick and choose who he deemed worthy enough to view his novel, enigmatic collections. This year he is giving up this control.

Come Feburary, Ford will be a part of his first ever large-scale catwalk show. In an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine Ford exposes information relating to his show stating, “[It’s] going to be for 500 to 1,000 people. Photographers, bloggers- a regular, real show.” Ford credits his newly public show to his growing success. As he states, “I now have 100 stores worldwide. The company has jumped and I can no longer service the stores by not showing. So I have to love and embrace it.”

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Ford’s past restrictive, exclusive fashion shows caused confusion among the journalism world. Because there were no official photos being taken during his showcases, journalists had to piece random pictures of what they believed to be a part of Ford’s collection. This detective-like work of journalists caused a delay in post-show coverage and their efforts to reveal Ford’s newest fashion lines were considered “old news” before it could even be published.

2013 is certainly a year of new beginnings, not only for Tom Ford as he opens up his shows to bloggers and photographers, falling victim to the lure of the online, mass media world, but for us fashion-goers as well. 2013 is the first year in history that fashion-goers, like you and me, will be able to see how Ford’s visions and inspirations directly translate to the runway. Both long-time fans of Ford or fashionistas that just jumped on the Ford bandwagon are excited about his well-made decision for a public show.  We all anxiously await the pictures, tweets, and instagram posts of Ford’s latest fashion lines, for the first time having this information at a click of a mouse, or more realistically, a tap of a finger.

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