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April 10, 2013  | by: Emilie Moran
Twitter (Hannah Clack)

Twitter (Hannah Clack)

It is the beginning of April and the days are already beginning to get warmer, serving as a lovely reminder that spring is here and summer is well on its way. They say that with every changing season one should change the perfume they wear. The heavy notes of scent one that would ordinarily be worn on a cold winter night should not be the same ones worn on a warm summer evening. Because of this, I am always excited when I hear about a new perfume, especially when this perfume has been created by one of my favorite designers; the one and only Marc Jacobs

I love Marc Jacobs because his designs are always so young and fresh, and always fun. His perfumes are the same. After the popularity of Marc Jacobs’ Dot, a scent that came out last August, the Marc Jacobs line has decided to try a new creation, and it’s name is Honey.

Honey will feature notes of pear, mandarin and orange blossom, giving it a light flowery scent. This scent is then loaded with peach nectar, honeysuckle, honey and vanilla giving it what I would think to be a more sensual smell, perfect for those romantic summer flings we all dream of having. Combined, these notes scream summer.

Although what the perfume smells like is what matters most, I cannot help but always get excited over the perfume bottles. I love the way a perfume bottle looks when it is sitting on top of my dresser. Bottles manage to add a bit of elegance, no matter how small they may be.

Marc Jacobs Honey does not disappoint. Gold and yellow with big white polka dots, the bottles features two honey bees that are created of stripes and pearls and that sit on top of the bottle. The bottle itself is a beautiful piece of art.

Along with the perfume, body lotion and shower gel in the Honey fragrance is also being sold. This will allow you to be covered from head to toe with the lovely scent of Marc Jacobs.

Are you excited to try out this new Marc Jacobs scent for yourself?

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