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June 27, 2013  | by: Kelly Hanelt
Twitter (@NorWEIRDgian)

Twitter (@NorWEIRDgian)


Do you have your ears pierced? Assuming you’re American, the chance you’ll say yes is 83 percent. The chance you’ll have more than one piercing per ear is 13 percent. The chance you’ll have a piercing somewhere besides your ear is 14 percent. Regardless of which category you fall into, the trends don’t lie. As trend-guru and unfailing-quote-generator Rachel Zoe would say, piercings are majorly having a moment right now. They’re bananas.

The beast that is beauty calls for many uncomfortable and questionably mutational processes to uphold its ever-so-slightly-unattainable standards, but poking holes in your flesh is a new level. Earlobe piercings, though not comfortable per say, require the pain tolerance level of a 4-year-old at the Pediatrician’s office. Ever got a shot? Survived? Good, then you can persevere through getting your ears pierced. However, many of the more complex and increasingly popular piercings are way more painful, so I repeat, what is the appeal?

Twitter (@AngieePaige)

Twitter (@AngieePaige)

As the new and mightily proud owner of a double forward helix on my left ear, the benefits seem endless. More jewelry to buy, a subtle new embellishment on display when I wear my hair up, something permanent but not unemployable, the list goes on and on. Perhaps the reason piercings are so in vogue right now is that they are the perfect statement piece. Hair color and style is so changeable and oft used for shock factor (cough, cough Miley Cyrus). Horever most of the time the shock and value of it is ineffectual. Tattoos on the other hand, while popular among celebrities whose employment is not risked by their inky appearance, (and even if it was, they’re rich enough to not need to work anymore anyways), are too permanent. We’re a commitment-phobic generation.

Most of the celebrities sporting multiple piercings are apart of the younger crowd. There is no trend bigger than self-expression right now, and from it all the lesser (or, shall I say, more transient) trends emerge. For those looking to get in on the action without actually… getting in on the action, there are some easy compromises available. For example, this week, Kylie Jenner sparked interest by posting a picture of her new nail piercing. It’s an odd interpretation of the trend as it plays well into the nail embellishment movement going on right now, but maybe that’s strategic.

For those pursuing a more traditional route, I present you with two (now very popular, bordering on overused, but nonetheless effective) words – ear cuffs. If they’re good enough for Cara and Diane, they’re good enough for the rest of us.

What are your thoughts on the piercing trend?

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