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November 11, 2009  | by: Jazmine Reed

Jazmine-Portrait-MainA genuine legend, he leaves a legacy of innovative dance moves, influential fashion, perfected concerts, artistic music videos and songs that have stood the test of time.  He is the hard act to follow.  He, of course, is the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson.

Michael’s untouchable brilliance will still be influencing musical generations for centuries to come. Before we wept at his funeral and reminisced about our childhood days singing to his songs and unsuccessfully moon-walking in our living rooms, we were watching his masterpieces, his music videos.

Michael single-handily revolutionized the music video with successes like “Thriller,” the best music video ever, taking a music video from a three-minute clip to an orchestrated mini-movie production. Thriller wasn’t some lucky fluke, it is a part of a long string of eye-popping, original videos. Michael’s first music videos, “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” and “Rock With You” foreshadowed the ability and talent that Michael possessed and would shared with the world. Though both videos featured Michael standing solo, the emotion, intelligence and innovative dance moves Michael displayed demanded your attention. With each video, Michael had a premeditated idea and a precise direction that translated beautifully onto the screens of your television.

 Unlike entertainers today, Michael wrote and helped produce his videos to guarantee the highest quality of entertainment for his fans, solidify his artistry and to keep critics and fans on their toes craving for more. Michael delivered each time.

Michael gave us a glimpse into the future with his use of the green screen and amazing actors in “Black or White,” and  with his futuristic dance video with sister, Janet, in “Scream.” The red leather jacket, the sensational dance routines, those graphic effects; Michael Jackson’s videos surpassed genius and will continue to be the inspiration for videos to come.

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