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May 28, 2012  | by: Jasmina Cuevas

Theophilus London

Hip-Hop is an evolutionary creation. It sporadically evolves as the world around it races to keep up with it. Constantly swallowing up those artists that don’t move fast enough, Hip-Hop is truly a force to be reckoned with. So when Brooklyn Native, Theophilus London, fought his way out of the belly of the beast, people were shocked by what he was bringing to the table.

Theophilus London was born in Trinidad in February, 1987 but his parents migrated to Brooklyn, NY while he was still very young. When his parents moved to Brooklyn, London found himself in the middle of a music movement and the revolution peaked his desire to dig deeper into his creativity. Tapping into the 80′s era, London found interest in music from Prince to Michael Jackson to Marvin Gaye. The sounds of R&B, Funk, Pop and Hip-Hop, intrigued London to create a fusion of all four and make it his own style.

London released his first mixtape, Jam!, in 2008 and shortly followed it with the release of his second mixtape, This Charming Mixtape, in 2009. Both mixtapes quickly circulated the Internet and once the music blogs got a hold of them, everyone wanted to know who Theophilus London was. His music had a new era sound to it and it was obviously noticeable that his thought process was beyond his time.

 London became an international hit very quickly and began touring overseas after being signed to Warner Bros. Records. His eclectic, musical swag is contagious. On top of his music, London has a very keen fashion sense that was difficult to match. His suede pants, graphic tees and floppy hats are something out of a French fashion magazine. His unique eye for fashion helped place him in the Chanel: My Little Black Jacket Photo Book Project. Along with being featured in Chanel, London has recently been named one of the 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers by StyleCasterNews.

In between becoming a fashion icon, releasing the hit single, “Big Spender,” featuring A$AP Rocky, hanging out with Kanye West and Jay-Z, London has been touring with Santigold and soon Rihanna will be joining him on his international journey. Theophilus London has become the next major trendsetter, in music and fashion. No one can deny their admiration for London and it is obvious that there is plenty others that should be taking notes from him. But try to catch him if you can.

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