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September 24, 2013  | by: Neil Protacio
Flickr (nar.sins)

Flickr (nar.sins)


2013 has donned a new era in photography: the selfie era. While we have all practiced and rehearsed different camera angles and body postures (I, for one, have to be careful how I position my neck… otherwise the double chin comes out full force), sometimes you’re just going to need a filter.

Instagram, for the most part, has now become one of the most popular forum of photos. However, their filters have become so basic that people have begun completely ignoring them and have started using other apps to get the desired photo effects. Let’s explore some of the cool camera apps the iPhone store has for us.

KitCam: With a high multitude of various settings, filters, lenses, and frames, KitCam is an iPhone staple. Its software developer, GhostBird Software, was acquired by Internet behemoth, Yahoo in June of this year. With such a purchase by such a big company, it’s safe to assume that GhostBird Software is breaking out great apps. KitCam is one of them. At 99 cents, tons of options are already at your disposal, including night vision and video. Extra lenses, filters, and frames are available for purchase as well.

Big Lens: Ever wanted that nice blurred background effect but couldn’t really pull off such a feat because, hey, it’s a camera phone? Well Big Lens is the app for you! What Big Lens does best is allow users to trace their subject, rendering untraced areas to blur. It’s like the aperture setting on a camera! Additionally, tons of lens and filter options are available. This app is available for 99 cents.

Squaready: On a beautiful night on top a secluded hill, you snap a breathtaking photo of the city lights below you. You run to Instagram to show it but find out you need to crop the photo. “But how will they feel what I feel?” you mourn to yourself. Squaready will allow your followers to see the whole picture. Best of all, it’s free!

Pic Collage: Gone are the days where you simply insert a picture into a tile. Pic Collage has a drag and drop option so you can give your collage a pin-board look. Additionally, Pic Collage will also disable Instagram’s cropping feature, that way you can get those beautiful big shots in.

PicPlayPost: Don’t just show your pictures off. Illustrate it with movement! PicPlayPost takes advantage of the collage feature, allowing you to mix photos with video. The best thing about the app is your ability to use your own music and sound bytes instead of the sounds on your video. Let your creativity run free with this app that’s just a dollar!

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