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February 07, 2013  | by: Susie Bijan
(Flickr, nikotransmission)

(flickr, nikotransmission)


The one phenomenon that should have happened – but never happened, for some absurd reason – was the explosion of Kylie Minogue’s career as a bonafide, global superstar. The Australian singer broke stateside with her hit “Love at First Sight,” years after establishing her career in her homeland. To this day, the track is a hallmark in regards to successful attempts at genre fusion: it’s the perfect mix of dance music and pop, and set the stage for acts that came after her (Lady Gaga and Robyn, to name a few). And who could forget the accompanying music video for the hit single, which displayed Minogue as a daring fashionista in a sexy, futuristic getup?

Unfortunately, the planets didn’t align to Minogue’s favor. Even though she achieved a remarkable amount of success in Europe and abroad – many see her as a worthy comparison to Madonna – she could never quite break into the American market. The woman has released a whopping total of 11 albums (with a majority of them resting at the top spot of the music charts upon their release), and her recent album, Aphrodite, was hailed as a success among critics. The singles that emerged from the album – “All the Lovers,” “Get Outta’ My Way,” etc. – were fresh and bursting with a free-spirited energy that secured their status as classics on dance floors.

Oh, and one important thing to know regarding the release of Aphrodite in 2010: Minogue was 42. Age is definitely just a number, and it seems like Jay-Z holds this to heart, considering the news on Wednesday that Minogue is now part of the elite family of musicians – Rihanna, M.I.A, Shakira – he represents on his Roc Nation label. A new single is also in the works, so keep your ears open.

In the mean time, I’m going to dance around in my pajamas to “Speakerphone” and wish for the long awaited, prodigious return of the queen of dance pop. Move over, Lady Gaga: a more deserving queen is coming back for her throne, and this time she’s ready to take over America.

What’s your opinion of Kylie Minogue and her new partnership with Roc Nation? It’s about time that American audiences experience the wondrous glory of Minogue’s tunes! Tell us what you think below!

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